Adventure: The Forgotten Forge
Session: 2006-10-08
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1

Was at the tavern looking for quarries when some disturbance arose: some guy was killed by a warforged. Most patrons went to take a glance, and I followed, hoping to make a profit off it one way or another. I first tried to liberate some wealth off an elf in wizard’s robes (Antinua), hoping her attention was distracted by the grisly scene, but alas, was noticed.

Around this time, a warforged climbed out from beneath the Sharn bridge to grab the dead one’s satchel, and a couple burly-looking fellows (Alain and Tuiuilan) and a bird-like freak (Mike) began to fight it. Heck, if all those people are fighting over the satchel, there must be something in there worth money! I snuck up and tried to palm it and nonchalantly leave, but one of the combatants managed to notice me despite the fight. I had to relinquish the bag and made a poor excuse off “investigating.” Left in a hurry before the town watch decided to show up.

Later, some guy from House Cannith found me and told me to show up at the Broken Anvil tavern for some employment opportunities. Said I’d consider it, and then tried to tail the guy. Thought I was being pretty quiet, but he noticed me anyway. Decided I probably shouldn’t mess with him. Wonder why he needed to employ me if he was so good at what we do already?

Turns out the contact, a human woman named Elaydren, offered employment to more than just myself. Both muscle-heads from before, bird-freak, and the elf I tried to lift also showed up. Apparently we’re to retrieve some adamantine toy that’s part of the Creation pattern. The front was 100, and the reward would be another 1000. I tried to bargain for more, but the muscleheads didn’t know to shut up and let the master work, so we walked out with only the 100.

Ventured to the underbelly of Sharn, with me considerably less than ecstatic: I’d prefer to work with people who didn’t already have suspicions about me (or at least have very short memory spans). Unfortunately, both the elf woman and the flail-wielding man seemed to remember our previous encounter.

First signs of trouble arose with a warforged ambush. Fortunately, I wasn’t the target. The rest of the party dispatched the clumsy tinker-toy easily as I tried to appear less of a target (I’m pretty good at that). The swarm of bugs that attacked afterwards was much more of a problem. Bug-bites and getting hurt really aren’t my realm of expertise, so I was going just get the hell away from the swarm, but the rest of them decided to be valiant *cough* stupid *cough* and take it on. Afterwards, they even had to gall to call me a coward, completely forgetting that it was my torch that they used to destroy the stupid thing.

I found the schema in the forgotten forge a little later without much trouble (along with an assortment of other treasure), but then another warforged showed up to try to claim it for the Lord of Blades. As everyone was still quite hurt from unnecessarily battling the bugs, they decided to bolt with the Schema. Of course, poor old me, with my short legs and still having not yet turned 18, couldn’t keep pace with them, and decided it was safer sticking to the shadows and leaving later.

Apparently we weren’t alone down in the Forgotten Forge with the warforged. A couple metal-plated rat-freaks were also there. After a few moments, I glanced out from the shadows and saw the rodents had put the warforged to rest. Unfortunately, doing so, I stumbled over a rock, and drew the rats’ attention. As I was frantically trying to change my position in the shadows at top speed while remaining stealthy, my erstwhile companions decided to shoot the threats. I’d be indebted to them if I didn’t think the muscleheads weren’t just murderous and testosterone-driven.

After we re-surfaced in the upper layers of Sharn and claimed our 1000 gp from Elaydran, the bloody bastards declared that I shouldn’t have a full share of the treasure! I pointed out to them reasonably that I found most of the treasure, and that the torches they used to defeat the bug swarm were mine. The musclehead with the outlandish double-sword tried to offer me a mere 39 gp for my toubles! I decided a more direct approach was needed, and told them bluntly that we could part on good terms, or bad terms. At this point, the bird-man offered me another 300 gp. I figured a 1/5 share of the total treasure was probably 400 gp or so, but decided not to push my luck.

You just have to accept that some days you’re the pigeon, and other days you’re the statue.

Player’s Notes

As expected, lack of offensive capabilities plus the CN alignment is causing substantial party tension. In fact, Xame was working separately in the next adventure.