Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-10-20
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 1

Session I: Treaty Derailment

I turned 18 shortly after, and the Traveler’s gift manifested as promised. I decided to uphold my end of the bargain, and started looking for suitable recruits.

Was woken one night at the tavern by sounds of a fight downstairs. Some human woman tried to stab flail fighter; was a little disappointed she didn’t succeed before being caught. The look in her eyes were a little awry though; possibly there was a puppeteer?

Decided to visit Elaydren. Possibly she was involved somehow in this, and would be willing to pay a good wage for someone of my talents? I was not wrong; she asked me to infiltrate the House Cannith councils, and find out what I could about a possible trade treaty. It seems that the schema we retrieved last time is being considered to be traded for some other technologies with Breland. She implied a… frustration… at the treaty, so I assumed my job was to find ways of stopping it. The baron of House Cannith has final say, and he is most heavily influenced by his four councilors. The treaty’s main proponents are Councilors Raidith and Grayson, the latter being a curious case as he had been until recently opposed to the treaty. Even more interestingly, the woman who attacked the muscleheads that one night used to be a Councilor herself, a pretty thing named Brestina. My fee would be 400 gp plus expenses, all to be paid after successful derailment of the treaty.

Elaydren got me a cover job as an accountant in the Records Office, with a strict admonition that if I were ever to get in trouble, she doesn’t know me. Fair enough. Of course, I took that to mean that in exchange, she has no need of details not directly pertinent to the trade treaty.

I pursued three lines of investigation. First, information could be had from Brestina, if I were to be able to question her. Second, with my newly-acquired divine abilities, I could investigate if Grayson’s change of attitude was magically influenced. Third, I’d try to tail Raidith and see if there’s anything to be learned from him. I learned shortly on in my cover job that Elaydren had employed Team Musclehead as well. As they seemed mainly to concentrate on Raidith, I decided to dedicate more effort to the former two approaches.

I remembered the faces of the guards who took Brestina away that night, and after some trouble, managed to “accidentally” run into him at a tavern. After a bit of booze-lubrication, the guy told me she’s been held in a high-security area, and that House Cannith is just hoping to hush it up and send her away. I have to act fast or else I’ll lose that thread. As it turned out, I actually did lose that thread, and Brestina was quietly transferred to a faraway land some days later. Damn.

The brief interactions with Grayson didn’t lead me to suspect any magical foul play, so I was actually quite stumped for a couple days. Something new came up though. Brestina’s councilor replacement was a strange upset by a lower aristocrat named Aveska. Since I worked in the Records office, it was trivial to find her councilor application. Standard tricks of my previous trade with the standard tells; inconsistent letter slants and fragmented L’s… obviously a forgery. I dutifully made a copy and returned it to Elaydren, but she was being miserly and didn’t reward my good efforts.

I thought about the problem some more, and realized something. If I were a person in favor of the treaty, and was using magic to get my way, but didn’t want to draw attention and suspicion onto myself, what would I do? Be the only one nominally against the treaty, while making everyone else vote for it, of course! That could also explain why I wasn’t getting anywhere with Grayson, while Team Musclehead isn’t getting anywhere with Raidith.

Went and spoke with Councilor Genna, with perhaps more daring that I should have. Time was running short though, and I needed to draw a reaction. Told her I worked for Elaydren, and asked her about some details of the treaty, why she was against it, etc. Asked her if she could try to convince Aveska to delay the treaty decision some, and she was non-committal. Everything was still fitting the latest theory.

Player’s Notes:

Hm. I was pretty convinced at this point that Genna was actually the one controlling everyone. I think it would have been a much better ending if my theory was right. Ah well.