Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-10-30
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 1

Part II: Confrontation with Raidith

Visited Elaydren again. Her being in her position of power, she had to have something else I could use if she really wanted me to derail the treaty. Maybe an Invisibility Potion or something. She offered me something better–the key to the offices of all the councilors. Hell yeah! I did my best to give her my solemn promise to do what I can for defeating the treaty, without seeming too gleeful.

Returned to the House Cannith palace at night under the guise of being behind on work, and then snuck into the various councilor’s offices. Found some more details of the treaty in Jenna’s office, a magic ruby in Raidith’s, a magic wand in Grayson’s, and nothing of interest in Aveska’s. The latter two aren’t relevant to the treaty, so I hid them in my tavern room. Went back to the Broken Anvil to try to return the key and report nothing of interest, but Elaydren wasn’t there. Hm, strange. Would’a thought she’d be here waiting for me. Waited until dawn, and then decided if she can’t be bothered to be updated about the treaty, then I can take some time off too.

So I went and got the ruby identified. The wizard told me it’s a cognizance crystal with 7 charges, whatever that meant, but more importantly that it was worth 16,000 gp. Holy! I nearly had a rogue-asm. Even selling that on the black market should net me a good 8k! With that kind of money, Elaydren’s potential reward of 400 gp suddenly seemed a lot less significant. Maybe I shouldn’t be risking my neck against whoever want this treaty to pass.

Ran into Team Musclehead while I was wandering about thinking what I’d do with that much money. Apparently they couldn’t find Elaydren either, and it’s very unlike her to actually be late to work. Hm, this could be trouble. Most likely if someone decided she was too much of an annoyance and snuffed her, the same person would have gotten names of all her employees as well. Looks like I couldn’t detach myself from the situation just quite yet.

I thought about the situation some more, and realized that it could be a deeper battle of wits than I previously imagined. Perhaps Raidith is the actual villain, who realized that any smart investigator would suspect a smart villain to be Jenna. Or perhaps he’s just unsubtle. I might need to make a house call on him.

Found his home address after a little research, and arrived mid-afternoon. The whole mansion was creepy… covered with some death-like mist. There weren’t any obvious entrances other than the front door, so I tried that. Only to have a scythe take a small chunk out of my arm. Ah, damn. Looks like I overspent brain power on someone who’s just blatantly evil.

Well, his house damaged me, so I figured it’s only fair that I also damage his house: I smashed a window and entered through that. Determined not to be caught off guard a second time, I proceed through his house slowly, careful not to set off any other traps. I took long enough that the others also arrived on the scene. For once, I was actually glad to see Team Musclehead. Them being there means I’m less of a target.

We found the councilor on the second floor, and he unceremoniously attacked us. Elaydren, obviously currently controlled magically, started off by knocking Tui out cold with a charging palette of bright colors. Oops, one meat shield down. Raidith had a crown that allowed him to control the minds of others, and he used to control the other Musclehead, Alain. Alain, true to his violent form, started bashing at Mike, the feathered fellow.

Fortunately for them, I had purchased just the right set of tools before starting out. A scroll of protection from evil and another of protection from law later, Alain and Elaydren were back to their normal states, and Raidith was subdued with a Charm Person spell. Yet, due to sheer incompetence of my renewed companions, he managed to escape while I ran off to buy more scrolls. Ah, what were they thinking!?

Afterwards, there was a nice, lavish awards ceremony, and I was gifted a pair of boots of elvenkind. The others got some goodies too; they seemed pleased with what they got. But, my philosophy is that the smart always make a little extra on the side. I visited Elaydren afterwards, and gently reminded her that she and I had a separate deal for 400 gp + expenses, amounting to 425 gp. I further reminded her that as an “unofficial emissary,” I ran a substantially greater risk than the rest. She prudently agreed and paid me my due.

I then literally ran to the black market and tried to drop the ruby cognizance crystal I “found” in Raidith’s offices, fantasizing about my 8000 gp, only told be told that it was corrupt, and worthless. Groaning, I had to sell it to an unwitting gem merchant for a mere 150 gp. The wand acquired from Grayson’s office added another 375 gp to my purse.

Player’s Notes:

Xame’s keeping that key! I made specific note on my character sheet that the key was not returned. Granted, there probably won’t be too much of value worth finding in the future, but hey, you never know! Maybe a cognizance crystal that’s not corrupted next time? ^^