Adventure: The Forgotten Forge
Sessions: 2006-10-08, 2006-10-20
Player: Michael Busch
PC: Mike
Status: Monk 1

It started with me going to a tavern. Don’t laugh. I could hardly find better lodgings in Sharn with the few people I knew here, and if the Watch and the Morgrave staff didn’t now know me, we would have been kicked off the top of this tower long since. Besides, the surface-walkers are often amusing, as I hope you will soon agree.

The place was relatively quiet. Two human males in armor eyed each other from opposite sides of the room and a halfling wandered, fairly obviously looking for someone to rob. Then there was a disruption. Someone had found body in the street. I went with the men in armor, the halfling trailing behind us. An elf joined us from a wizard’s shop next to the tavern. A man lay bleeding on the bridge between the tower and the next over. As we went towards the body, a warforged climbed over the edge of the bridge and started to search the body. I asked what it was doing. Its response was to say ‘Weak Flesh’ and attack one of the men. Apparently, this is a warforged insult. It does not seem very forceful, considering that I grappled the thing and pinned it to the ground, before the other man killed it.

The elf had fetched the Sharn Watch, and they took the warforged and the body and gave us leave to go. The halfling had grabbed a satchel from the body, which the second man (whose name was Alain) persuaded him to give up. The rogue then took off.

Alain carried a dagger and a flail. The first man, somewhat younger, had a strange double sword. He called himself Tuiluilan. I later learned he was from Cyre, the son of a blacksmith. I’m not sure if his parents had named him after our language. If so, their sense of humor is suspect and their ears non-existent. On the other hand, Tui had a habit of muttering in bad Elven, so perhaps it is a family trait. The elf wizard was Antinua. I’m not sure if the meaning of her name is intentional or not.

As we were exchanging introductions, a cloaked human-sized figure, wearing a House Cannith ring, appeared and told us to come to a tavern called the Broken Anvil if we wished to learn the truth about the murder. I confess that I was motivated as much by wanting to know why House Cannith was interested in this matter as much as by the murder.

When we arrived at the Broken Anvil, I can’t say I was suprised to see Xame, halfling ‘commoner’, eating a bowl of rat stew. The representive of House Cannith we met there, a Lady Elaydren, obviously doesn’t like loose ends. She told us that the dead man had been asked to find a schema in the depths of Sharn, illustrating this with a notebook that had been in the satchel. So we went into the sewers.

I do not recommend the sewers. The Cogs may be on the list of tourists attractions, but the sewers are tight warrens of ruin and waste. We were found by a warforged at an intersection. He dodged well, but fortunately Antinua’s magic works quickly. Eventually, we made our way to a relatively open space, whereupon I was set upon by a swarm of beetles. You know how some unintelligent birds like to sit in ant hills? I think I now understand why they haven’t built civilization: they are masochists. Xame also showed his remarkable courage by promptly running away, although he was kind enough to leave torches behind.

We found our target: an abandoned forge where the schema was supposed to be stored. I climbed in, followed by Alain and Tui. Neither knew how to fall. Then we were set upon by two metal guard dogs. If you want, I can tell you something of the internal construction of metallic constructs. We got the doors open and found the schema, as well as various other things that Xame liked drooling over. Then a third warforged showed up and started shooting. These warforged aren’t very smart: we closed the doors, he climbed, we opened the doors and ran. Then Alain threw his dagger into the shadows. The warforged thought it was the schema, and disturbed two very ugly rats, who proceeded to devore him while we got into the tunnel leading out. Then we had to go back and save Xame from the rats. Do not make a wizard mad. If she starts glowing, you may only have a few seconds before you are struck by bolts of fire and melted.

Elaydren gave us some payment for the schema, although Tui had insisted on making a careful sketch of the thing. He tended to go through a lot of parchment. The others were inclined to give Xame very little for the schema. The halfling objected, consistent with his character. I finally gave him something, just to stop the argument.

I at least found this entire series of events very amusing. So I made an agreement with Antinua, Alain, and Tui that we would work together if Elaydren ever needed our assistance again.

Player’s Notes:

When Dave said he expected us to be fighting rats in the first adventure, I was hoping he would be wrong. On the other hand, a dire rat is a rather ugly beast at 1st level.