Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-10-30
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Antinua
Status: Wizard 2

Dear Kanathas:

I received your last letter; I notice that you had not yet read my previous one. No matter. I understand your concerns about our communications. I am perfectly capable of being discreet. Also, the courier you found appears to be trustworthy, and less expensive than the services of House Sivis.

We spent some time resting together in Sharn after our last escapade. By “we,” I include everyone except for Xame. He was still rather unhappy about the distribution of newly acquired wealth, and the rest of us were none too pleased with him.

As for me, I spent a large fraction of my gains from traversing the sewers upon the materials I needed to finally summoning my familiar. Uthen will be pleased; Indigo is a small snake, and rather resembles his Verdana, except in color.

After I had finished my task, Tui returned with a new object of his own. He had apparently visited the blacksmith’s and obtained a strange double-bladed sword. He seemed ecstatic, although I do not truly understand his excitement over a bit of newly-forged iron.

A few days later, the entrance of the stranger disturbed my evening trance. She was preparing to insert a dagger into Alain. A loud shout on my part was followed by the unexpected entrance of a number of guards, who dealt with the woman. None of us were injured, although we were all wondering why she had made the attempt. She was human, and her eyes appeared to be glazed over, as if she were enchanted or drugged.

Unsurprisingly, the four of us were again summoned to meet with Lady Elaydren at the Broken Anvil.

Elaydren explained that the woman who had attacked us is a member of the council of House Cannith. Or was; due to her strange actions, she was being replaced. Another problem, very likely related, was a treaty with Breland currently being discussed by the Cannith council. In addition to this woman’s actions, one of the other councilors had suddenly changed his position from being against the treaty to being for it. She invited us to aid her in determining what was taking place. The four of us readily agreed.

As for the rest, I will summarize events as best I may; however, this all took place over several days.

We visited a council session, and learned something of the treaty. An insufficient number of details were discussed for us to know the exact terms; however, it seemed to involve giving some technology to Breland. Grayson and Raidith, another councilor, were for it; Genna was against. However, before the decision could be made, a fourth councilor needed to be chosen. Unexpectedly, this was one Aveska, a lower bureaucrat, who lacked experience, rather than the more talented, and apparently preferred, candidate. The ultimate decision was the Baron’s; however, he is heavily swayed by his council, and usually follows their advice.

We spoke with each of the councilors. Aveska was rather weak-willed, and intended to follow whatever the majority chose to do—which currently supported the treaty. Grayson appeared calm and knowledgeable. Strangely, he denied every having opposed the treaty, and others also said that he was generally very truthful and an excellent councilor. Genna opposed the treaty, because it gave far too much to Breland and gained too little in return. She was puzzled by Grayson’s change of heart. Raidith was the most unpleasant of all of them. Klid, a rather unsociable individual, guarded his door. Raidith himself was cool and unfriendly. While there, I examined both Grayson’s and Raidith’s offices for magic. In Grayson’s, I found nothing significant. Aside from a few baubles on his desk, Raidith wore an unusual circlet, whose magic properties I could not identify.

During our investigations, we met Xame, working in the records department. Or so he claimed. Considering our presence and what we knew of him, I had little doubt that he was there to do more than file papers. He was helpful, however. We found Aveska’s application to the council position, and found that it was forged. This explained why she had been so surprised about the matter.

Although I suspected Raidith of playing some part, due to his demeanor, unusual magic, and being the only councilor with a bodyguard, there was no evidence whatsoever to support this. Furthermore, our time was limited; the issue of the treaty would be decided in only a few days.

That evening, we had a most peculiar experience—Klid, in rather a hurry, dashed down the hallway. Tui and Alain followed until Klid started to run into the lower parts of Sharn. At least Alain did not follow then. Tui impulsively continued the chase, and became lost in the lower levels of Sharn. He did not return until the following evening, hardly worse for the wear, to his good fortune.

In the meantime, Mike, Alain and I continued. The morning after the meeting with Klid, one of the clerks who had been friendly with Aveska was found dead in the lower levels, from some strange sort of clawing or biting wound. We asked around, and eventually found his office. Inside was a note from Klid, inviting him to a meeting. This was not at all suspicious.

That afternoon, I charmed the unsuspecting Klid, which made him quite uncharacteristically friendly. By pretending to be an old friend he had forgotten, I encourage him to talk about himself. He said that he and Raidith kept each other safe, and that a few “friends” of his had dealt with the unfortunate clerk, who had apparently learned too much. However, I could learn little else from him; he kept his secrets. I managed to encourage him to meet us in a tavern later, where we could, presumably, obtain more information from him in a more private setting while he was still under the influence of my spell.

We found Tui, and went to the tavern at the selected time. We found Klid in a corner, where he announced that he had brought a few friends of his along; specifically, four rats and two dire rats. I dislike rats.

Clearly, some ally of his, quite possibly Raidith himself, had lifted the charm person spell. I found this to be most annoying.

I seem to be running out of parchment. I would rather not need to borrow some from Tui. I must learn to write more concisely. I will send another letter with rest of the details later.

Until I find parchment,


Player’s Notes:

“Brevity is the soul of wit.” I’m still working on that one.