Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-10-30, 2006-11-04
Player: Michael Busch
PC: Mike
Status: Monk 2

What I will tell you now is such that I ask you not to speak of it to any others than raptorans. The flocks will laugh, and debate my wisdom and that of my fellow adventurers, but we were hired to locate a traitor to the ruler of one of the dragonmarked houses. I would rather that humans not learn of this conversation.

Things improved after the visit to the sewers. I was still staying at a tavern, but the company was considerably better. I learned more of my companions. Tui you have heard of. Alain had been in the Brelish infantry during the war and recently mustered out, although with a surprising knowledge of the noble houses for a footsoldier. Antinua has a small viper she calls Indigo, who generally is wrapped around one of her arms.

A few weeks after we left Elaydren, something happened which is discouragingly common for adventurers. Someone tried to kill us in our sleep. Then again, we were hardly in a well-defended rookery. We subdued the assassin, a human female who did not seem in command of herself. Then guards of House Cannith arrived. They bound the woman and led her away, and told us to meet the Lady at the usual place. Since I didn’t recall doing anything someone should kill me for, I went with the others, in search of enlightenment.

Elaydren informed us that the assassin, who had been dominated, was a counselor to Baron Merrix d’Cannith, and that she would be quietly exiled. Elaydren then offered us a job. The Baron was trying to decide if he should approve a treaty with the Brelish government, to give them various unspecified technology. Elaydren, who does jobs for the Baron that no-one else has the latitude for, suspected that someone was interfering with the counselors. They were changing their opinions on the treaty, and one had now attacked us for no apparent reason. We agreed to investigate, and she gave us lodgings in the House Cannith enclave and papers to gain access to the Baron and his advisors.

We spent the next several days wading through the tangle of House politics. The replacement counselor for the assassin was replaced by an unknown on a forged application; one of the other counselors, Raidith, wore a magical circlet and a very ugly man named Klid served as his bodyguard. A House Cannith clerk was found in the sewers with his throat ripped out. We also saw Xame, now apparently a cleric, who claimed to be a low-level bureaucrat, but as I said Elaydren doesn’t like loose ends, so it was obvious that he was on a parallel mission.

We lost a day when Tui decided to chase Klid into the depths by himself. He got lost and did not have any coins or sufficient diplomacy to ask for a guide to the heights. It took him some time to return, whereupon he was proud to have mapped his way back. At the same time, Antinua had persuaded Klid to meet us that evening. Klid did meet us, and brought a half-dozen rats with him, which attacked us. They did not do so well. The snake got two of them by itself. Klid, on the other hand, was apparently a wererat and a practitioner of the philosophy that if you interfered with him, he would kill you. Enlightening him was rather unpleasant, but in his effects we found wands that would suppress magical auras and instructions from Radith that they should be used on the other counselors.

The next day, Elaydren had disappeared. There was a note on her door, from Raidith, who invited us to ‘dinner to discuss the matter’. We informed the Baron, who agreed that the treaty should not be passed given the lengths to which its supporters were willing to go. He also ordered all of the offices to be swept for the suppressing wands and assigned two warforged to assist us in recovering Elaydren.

Raidith’s house had a rigged front door, but Xame had gotten there before we did and smashed a window. Raidith had controlled Elaydren as he had the other counselors, and also dominated Alain. He was subdued by Antinua, while Xame served some purpose by releasing Elaydren and Alain from control. Tui had been knocked out by a spray of lights and color. We got Elaydren away, but Raidith escaped before the Sharn Watch arrived. He was kind enough to leave his magic items behind.

Baron Merrix was pleased by these events, and we were rewarded with more magic items. I mean no disrespect to your profession, for you only summon the forces of nature, but I am wary of trusting my safety to a ring and an amulet. These towers stand, but they aren’t easily injured by steel.

Considering that Xame saved our skins, he seemed to be more accepted by the others. He has stopped trying to lift from everyone in sight, but seems to have some more sophisticated dubiousness planned. You see how strangely the surface-dwellers act, I hope.