Adventure: Shadows of the Last War
Session: 2006-11-11
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 2

Part I: Hunting Clues

Some time after the trade treaty events, the five of us were summoned once more by Lady Elaydren. Or rather, we were individually instructed to go to the message station, which got sacked by a warforged and some kobolds. A giant eagle then delivered the message by dropping us a note to tell us to meet Elaydren at the usual place.

Once again, I’m utterly baffled by the stupidity of this aristocrats. If it was important enough a message to warrant sending the eagle, why not send that in the first place? Also, they should know we’d be smart enough to look for her at the Broken Anvil after seeing the ransacked message station. Geez, save on those costs and pay us more, dammit!

At the Broken Anvil, Elaydren informed us that a member of House Orien would be joining us for our next mission. As he had a rather large wolf as a pet, I can only assume he’s one of those “druids” I had heard about a while back. This should have been my first tip that perhaps the coming days would be rather difficult, but I was growing overconfident with my newfound casting abilities.

Immediately after introductions, the afore-referenced warforged and his kobold cronies charged in and attacked our patron. I was quite shocked to see that the fired crossbow bolt damaged both Elaydren and Alain… Holy! These guys were armed with seeker bolts!? (I would later find out that Alain had the Mark of Sentinel.) Well, at the time, it looked to me like they had prepared only a single one, because we managed to dispatch of the larger attack force with relative ease. In any case, Elaydren then sent us on ahead, emphasizing urgency and telling us we’d have everything we need in a bag.

After reading through the information in the bag (which, I might add, was a rather nice Heward’s handy haversack), we decided to travel via lightning rail to Sterngate. From there, we journeyed with a caravan to Rhukaan Draal, where we met our contact, a man named Failan. He had rather the amount of greed I would personally liked to have think was unique to myself: he charged us an outrageous 1000 gp for fare on his elemental-driven land cart.

Journeyed to Rose Quarry, rumored to contain clues on the location of Whitehearth. Only to find that a group of Emerald Claw soldiers arrived before us. The elf wizard casted invisibility on me (a rather neat trick, actually… I’ll need to buy myself a potion of it later; it could be useful for certain… hobbies), and I went ahead to scout. Foes looked redoubtable, so we avoided them and explored the rest of the town. Found the location in a ruined temple, after we subdued its inhabitants. Wanted to interrogate the one who wasn’t quite dead yet, but the annoying Tui tried to grab me when I poked my rapier under her nails. Bah, stupid and uppity musclehead.

Player’s Notes:

Yeah, yeah, I know. Torturing is leaning a bit too far towards evil.