Adventure: Shadows of the Last War
Session: 2006-11-19
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 2

Part II: Inside the Mournland

A dark, emaciated man accosted us in the ruined temple shortly after. Mike threw some holy water at him, but it didn’t seem to do anything. He then casted a spell and shouted for his lackeys for support. As we were all rather low on health and power by then, we decided (for once!) that discretion was the better part of valor, and fled. Seemed at the time that we managed to lose them, but would find out later that they let us escape to follow us… apparently Mr. Faux-Vampire wasn’t quite bright enough to figure out the location of Whitehearth despite the obvious clues.

As we journeyed into the Mournland towards Whitehearth, I detected a magical weapon amidst all the corpses. Figuring that should be a good 200 gp even after splitting it with the others, I jumped off the elemental land cart to grab it. Three skeleton trolls charged at me though, so I had to quickly revise my plan. Remembered the Traveler also mentioning another bestowed ability, turning undead. Seemed like as good a time to try it as any, and was satisfied when one of the three turned and ran. One of the two, however, took a rather large chunk out of me and my armor. Retreated to the land cart and tried to cure myself, only to rudely discover that my cure spells have no effect inside the Mournland. Anson, the druid, managed to delay the other two skeletons with a nice entangle spell, and then we took off again, figuring 2000 gp isn’t really worth any of our lives.

The inside of Whitehearth was a maze, with a number of unexpected occupants: an awakened dire wolf, several living spells, and a golem dog. The first was friendly towards us, but we had to put down the others (though not without some trouble: Alain was actually on the verge of dying in the fight against the dog, and I had to use my mundane healing skills to stabilize him).

Multi-hued gems acted as keycards to various chambers, and we had quite a difficult time securing all of them. One in particular (the purple, I think) bypassed a trap. We, however, didn’t find it until after we set off the trap. With a rather violent jarring motion, the room rotated perpendicular to its normal orientation, and dumped any clumsy folk into a damn deep well. Of our group, Tui proved himself the one with the worst motor skills, fell in, and then promptly died (due to either drowning or falling). Ah, the bastard didn’t even have the good grace to die somewhere where we can salvage his equipment.

Player’s Notes:

While Xame is rather happy that Tui died (though he has enough sense not to show it), as the player I’m actually rather sad to see Tui go… he made for a good foil, and was the source of plenty of party strife antics.