Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-12-02, 2007-01-05
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Antinua
Status: Wizard 4

Dear Kanathas:

I apologize for having failed to write. I have been rather busy, and may not write again for some time. Further, since this letter is posted from Zilargo, I cannot send it through our regular courier. I am not certain when I will return to Sharn.

Some weeks ago, Vior Malik contacted the group with whom I have been working. We seem to have gained something of a reputation. As I am certain you already know, this man is the leader of the Dark Lanterns, who play a role in Breland similar to that of the Royal Eyes.

He had the group of us perform demonstrate our abilities by capturing a large ape. This was easily accomplished, and he awarded us a task on behalf of the Dark Lanterns.

However, he required an oath from us that we would not disclose the nature of this mission. I will honor that oath unless some greater good demands otherwise. Rest assured that it does not threaten Aundair.

I can let you know that our group seems to be returning to its normal state. This is the state where Xame is having a disagreement with someone. Some young gnome attempted to pick Xame’s pocket. This is clearly a case of one “commoner” against another. Xame caught the gnome in a lasso, but Mike forced him to release the gnome. They immediately started to argue. During the argument, the gnome was able to take a few of Xame’s coins and depart. Xame was quite annoyed. I left to discuss matters of more importance with Malik before the argument became more heated.

When Uthen returns, could you ask him about a spell of which I have heard? It preserves the secrecy of written material by destroying it if read by the wrong person and discourages that person from continuing to pry.

Your sister,


Antinua’s Notes:

Received information from Vior Malik.

Lucan Stellos, skilled member of Dark Lanterns, tall blond human; has stolen the soulblade, demonstrated strong skills not previously observed, probably magic.

Stole soulblade, sword with ruby in pommel. Orignally belonged to Karrnathi warlord. Both strongly magic and strongly evil.

Sister, Grilsha, red hair; believed to be aiding Lucan, seen leaving Sharn through east gate.

Part of burned note found; mentioned Trolanport, “krell.” What is krell?

Mission to recover soulblade, Stellos, preferably alive.

Provided magebred horses. Excellent.

Valith concerned about cause, working for Dark Lanterns; turned down mission; Mike remained behind to attempt to convince; expect will catch up soon.

Anson enhanced horses, increased our speed. Mike may take time to catch up. Met, dealt with bandits. Heard rumors of man, woman and black coach. They are changing horses.

Caught black coach. Red-haired driver, probably Grilsha. Anson slowed coach with entangle. Very useful spell. Experienced demonstration of fireball. Would prefer not to do so again. Malik retaliated by burning the coach. In smoke and flame, woman vanished. See invisibility revealed nothing. Bat departed burning coach; caught by Anson’s air elemental; vanished by means unknown. Found coffin in coach. Vampire at all related to Raidith/Garrow? Peculiar. Must remember to research vampires at next opportunity.

Continued journey, assuming they would still be going east to Trolanport for purposes unknown.

Found pair of exhausted horses beside road; no additional indication of direction.

Reached Trolanport. No information regarding persons of given descriptions. Assumed reached Trolanport before them, waited by gate several days in hopes of catching. Assumption apparently incorrect.

Aided Xame in searching for information. Audairian ambassador in area, Naya ir’Krell. Krell? Masquerade ball planned in near future, less than a fortnight, involving people of importance. Expecting trouble. Still need to find way to gain admission other than bashing in door. Speak with ir’Krell?

Mike reached Trolanport. Apparently failed to convince Valith to rejoin group. Also had more trouble than we did on the road.

Many canals in Trolanport. Minor trouble with sahuagin.

How many pickpockets are there?

Player’s Notes

The secrecy bit prevents much of the “writing home” bit, since Antinua has no reason to break her oath. This means I had to come up with some other way to record the adventure. A set of notes on the goings-on is the best I could come up with. Presumably these are kept somewhere reasonably safe — such as tucked inside her spellbook. Considering their jotted-down nature, the handwriting is probably pretty terrible.

Meanwhile… yay, 3rd level spells! The small mention at the end of the letter refers to explosive runes, which, while she hasn’t bothered to study it yet, she will eventually, since that spell seems to have severe amusement value.