Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-01-07, 2007-01-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4

Part II: A possible alternative profession

Didn’t manage to get my hands on the gnome, and time to the masquerade was running short, so I had to let it drop. The ball was clearly by invitation only, and just as clearly, we didn’t have invitations. So I tried to get my hands on some archetectural plans of the venue from my newfound Zilargo underworld connections. Alas, none of my contacts had them, claiming that the security was so tight that theft wasn’t worth the risk there.

My companions, in the mean time, suggested smooth-talking our way past the guards. That required fancy (and rather expensive) costumes, and I never understood the point of spending more than 20gp on a set of clothing unless it offered other benefits than just covering body parts. I managed to ask around and get myself a set of kitchen servant uniform for the embassy, and infiltrated the place with hardly any trouble.

It was there, working with the rest of the kitchen staff, where I discovered another talent of mine—I may not be able to use a knife worth a damn against anyone living, but I am quite good at slicing inanimate objects. Specifically, vegetables and meat. Hadn’t ever thought about cooking professionally before, but it may be suited to me. I like carving things that don’t want to carve me in return.

Anyways, as night drew near and the ball started, I shifted my job from cutter to waiter, and used this position to check on the attendees for Lucan and his sister. I also had this ingenious plan… since holy water has no effect on ordinary folk, but burns the undead, I could use that as an identity test for Lucan, if indeed he is a vampire.

Some seven or so guests possessed magical items; I assumed my target is one of them. Thus, I carried a tray of drinks, one of which was mostly holy water, and offered it in turn to each of the magic-wielders. Two women accepted drinks while all the men refused, and neither picked the “special” one. I thought I recognized one of them to be Lucan’s sister, though I couldn’t be sure. Big bird et al. arrived soon after, and I pointed out to them the ones I found suspicious. They confirmed my locks on Lucan and Grilsha.

Mike went to interrogate the sister, while I tried my final test of identity on Lucan… I brazenly walked up to the dance floor and “accidentally” spilled the tray of drinks on a good number of people, including the vampire. He flinched a bit at it, but otherwise the results were underwhelming. Darn, I had hoped for a more cinematic display of burning and pain.

As I was busy mopping up in order to minimize attention drawn to myself, something unexpected happened. Apparently, we are not the only ones commissioned to find Lucan, for a human mage tried to cast a spell on Lucan. It failed; the blade Lucan stole suddenly appeared in his hand, and combat ensued. Remembering that last time Grilsha was able to hurt us quite a bit with fireball and lightning bolt spells, I took it upon myself to neutralize her first; this was done easily with a silence spell. Lucan, in the meantime, charged Antinua and managed to grab her and hit her with a life-draining punch. Well, that about nails his vampire status. I tried to cure Antinua, but it had less effect than expected; my powers are not strong enough to undo the damage. She did manage to retaliate with a strong beam of holy light that discorporated Lucan.. I tried to use a bottle to capture him, but was not successful (hm, that reminds me, I might want to get myself an adamantine bottle at some point…).

Ir’Krell, the ambassador, was less than helpful. Her guards decided that Malik was acting rudely (possibly with good reason—he had been breathing elemental power left and right), and attacked him. I asked her to tell her guards to stand down, but she would have none of it. After the fight, she offered not a word of thanks and instead accused us of attacking her friend Lucan. Hm, next time I see her, I’ll lasso her and feed her to some other vampire. OK, maybe not a vampire. But maybe a zombie. I can create those.

Lucan was headed for Karrnath on airship, and we arrived there as it was departing. A group of five gnome strongbodies blocked our paths, but we dispatched them with ease. As the rest of the party negotiated with the captain, I continued trying to find Lucan. A couple rooms in the lower floor registered magic—Malik told us that one housed the elementals powering the airship, but the other was dubious.

We decided to investigate. And by investigate, I mean Antinua turned me invisible and knocked the locker door open. I slipped inside making as little noise as possible. It was an extradimensional space of some sort—maybe 50 feet square room… with a coffin smack in the center. Lucan was certainly inside, according to my detect magic. Perhaps he was asleep, and I could prolong his sleep indefinitely. I edged to the coffin but as soon as I opened it a sliver, Lucan immediately jumped out and tried to grab me, invisible though I was.

Barely managed to shake him off, and wasn’t willing to risk a second attempt by him, so I ran out of the locker and loudly informed my companions that Lucan was indeed within.