Adventure: Interlude
Session: 2007-02-10
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

A brief return to the Mournland

The remaining three of us (Mike, Anson, and I) were all very relieved that Lucan did not give chase to us, though poor Mike did not fare as well against Lucan’s vampiric abilities. Anson had also been reduced to a walking speed bump by the poison from centipedes, but I was able to take care of that shortly. We returned to the lightning rail coach, and another coach arrived shortly after. The engineers of the second coach decided to help get ours running again, and in a day or so we were traveling once more.

We met two of interest–both humans: one swashbuckler named Taris and the other a warmage named Eldon. We bemoaned our failed missions, and they mentioned that they wished to enter the Mournland to investigate the Lord of Blades. Our accounts of the undead dragonmarked warforged particularly interested them, and since the three of us had no particular immediate goals, we accompanied them into the Mournland.

Oh, my haggling skills have definitely improved. Was able to get a good 30% more than I should have selling “second-hand armors.” That gave me enough funding to finally buy another handy haversack (the first of which was destroyed with Alain). That should be the end of my encumbrance problems–I promptly bought myself, among other things, 500 feet of rope, 3 ten-foot poles, 20 portions of trail rations, and 20 more lassos.

Soon after we headed into the Mournland, we were attacked by a group of three wispy wraith-like beings. I was still amusing myself with my new backpack, and was consequently a bit slow to react. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and found that all four of my companions had fled! What a disgrace! I should never be the last to flee. Yet, since the mourners seemed completely incompetent in penetrating my mithral armor and shield, I decided to stand and give them a nice big dose of light of Venya. It destroyed one of them, and harmed the other enough for it to flee, and Eldon finished the last with a hail of stone.

I noticed a curious fact about Taris. She apparently has the ability to turn herself invisible for short periods of time. Of course, she at first adamantly denied having the ability as any street-wise commoner with such abilities would, but after a good show of grace by restoring her wisdom, I was told that she is also by profession and family a ninja. Ah, most excellent, I now finally have someone to do covert missions with.

We traveled to Eldon’s home town, which was of course utterly destroyed, and in the night we were attacked by a living ice storm spell. We decided to head back to town afterwards, since we had exhausted our supply of rope tricks, and healing otherwise does not work well. We were assaulted once more though, by a gelatinous bear-like creature. It tore Mike to shreds before the rest of us managed to defeat it. Fortunately, Anson had a certain spell prepared, and Mike’s spirit now inhabits the body of a rather ugly orc. He does not seem to mind his new form too much, though he does worry about what his raptoran peers would say to him.

Back at the town we departed from, we received a message from Viorr saying that he had another job for us, and told us to head immediately back to Sharn.

Player’s Notes:

Oh dear. I’m the last surviving member of the original Forgotten Forge adventure. Well, not in spirit, but in body. Is there a “Curse of the Golden Sabre” (I think that was the name of the warforged we killed there?) going around? And in other news, Divine Oracle is actually quite useful, as I now not only have evasion, but am also the only party source of identify.