Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-01-05, 2007-01-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 1

Part III: A most redoubtable opponent

Well, we were ambushed twice more in quick succession, once by human soldiers aboard the airship, and once by halfling barbarians led by an undead dragonmarked warforged on the lightning rail (yeah, sounds crazy, but not kidding). I won’t belabor these sequences of events too much, but to say that the dragonborn is quite a useful asset. Which makes the next part particularly… unfortunate.

After the lightning rail incident, Lucan absconded and fortified himself in a ziggurat in the middle of a lake. We made ourselves a ferry and were able to enter without much hassle, and proceeded to search for him. One encounter with an undead greataxe-wielding minotaur was particularly unpleasant, because I happened to be the one hurt by him. Must invest in more physical protection at next opportunity. After expending much of our magical energies, we managed to find Lucan in the top floor. He started off by slamming me and stealing some of my life force. Antinua managed to hit him with two bolts of Lights of Venya, and once again he turned into gas. This time, however, he had a new trick–he emitted a low moan that, while ineffective on me, caused Malik and Mike to act very erratically. The rest of us tried to pry open the stone coffin he seeped into, but alas, but the time we opened the casket, he was already healed and struck out again, this time capturing Antinua in a deadly embrace. I tried to mitigate the damage he was inflicting on the elf, but it was soon apparent to me that the battle was lost. I shouted for everyone to retreat and regroup, but alas, no one listened.

When Lucan finished with Antinua, he turned to Malik, and a much similar grisly scene occurred. Anson attempted to distract the vampire with his summons, but they were ineffective. Finally, when he finished Malik as well, Mike and Anson did realize the truth of my urgings and retreated with me. We were able to put some distance between us and Lucan quickly, but still a bit horrified by the turn of events. In particular, I learned through research that victims of vampires often become vampires themselves. Which means the next meeting with Malik and Antinua will most likely not be a friendly one.

Player’s Notes:

Gained Divine Fortune as level 6 feat, which means Xame is pretty close to impervious to effects allowing saves–I calculated that Xame had between 90% and 98% chance of being unaffected by the two negative levels Lucan inflicted, depending on the exact DC.

I’ve been thinking this all along, but I’m not sure how we were possibly to defeat a modified vampire that didn’t have the typical 2 hour downtime when he gets nuked to negative hitpoints. Especially with the constant confusion effect…