Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

In a conversation with Taris:

My childhood? Bah, who remembers such trivial details? I fed myself as best I could, and managed to do so well enough to do so well enough to live till now. Been locked up a couple times for petty crimes, and once or twice the diseases from the filth of the jail came awfully close to doing me in. If it’s contacts you’re looking for, I know a couple people in Sharn where you can drop off and pick up second-hand goods, but that’s about it. Also know a couple people in some places–Trolanport, Rhukan Draal, so forth. People I met along the way.

My family? Oh, that’s right. I suppose I must have had a father and mother, at least. Don’t remember much of them. Fat lot of good they did in providing for me. They’re not native to Sharn, for sure, I knew the streets better than they did even back then. Abandoned me back when I was five. Came home one day after playing with the locals, and they were just gone, along with every last possession of theirs. Guess their pasts were catching up with them.

Nah, never really gave much thought to investigating them or my ancestry, though I suppose it wouldn’t be so hard now. Like I said before, I really kinda view G as my foster parent nowadays. I doubt meeting my birth folks would be rewarding in any way or form, and most likely they’d eye some of my new-found wealth with avarice. Don’t really hate them or anything either, so not motivated to go try the clutch of Orcus spell on them.

One thing about them does kind of rouse my curiosity though. At the time, I thought they were tattooes, but now I’m pretty sure my folks had dragonmarks or some sort or other. Don’t ask me which mark, I was five then! How the Hell would I remember? In fact, they might actually be tattooes that intentionally look kinda like dragonmarks. I haven’t developed one yet, at least.

Say, why are you so interested anyway? I doubt we’re cousins or anything..