Adventure: Interlude
Session: 2007-02-10
Player: Rachel Reddick
Character: Taris
Status: Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 3/Ninja +1

There was a bit of trouble on the lightning-rail Eldon and I were on. This kalashtar just popped up, started calming people down, then told us that the folks in front of us had had trouble. Well, trouble in the form of boarders and such. Sounds like that lightning rail wasn’t as safe as I had thought.

Eldon convinced a couple of the engineers that it would be a good idea to fix the other engine. We met a trio of odd people — a chubby human named Anson accompanied by a very large eagle, a winged guy called Mike, and an armored halfling named Xame. None of them looked so good; Anson looked like a klutz, and the other two looked like they’d had some of the life sucked out of them. Well, they all recovered, but apparently the vampire they met came out on the winning side. Sounds like they lost a couple of their companions to it. Undead are horrible things.

In any case, since once they recovered they had nothing else to do, they joined Eldon and me in our foray into the Mournland. That was fun. We met a bunch more of some kind of undead my brothers never mentioned. They were pretty disturbing. They scared the willies out of most of us, and shook me up pretty good, too. Sure, I stabbed at one, but it managed to get rid of most of my common sense. Xame seems to be some sort of cleric, and between him and Eldon managed to get rid of the things. Of course, trouble with healing in the Mournland made fixing my problem rather difficult. I am embarrassed to say that I was considerably less sensible than normal. It’s scary to realize what I’d do if I didn’t have some restraint.

That said, we found the town Eldon was from. It was all but obliterated, of course. We spent the night and ran into more trouble. I helped skewer more trouble. On the way back, we ran into this fluid-filled bear thing. I managed to eventually put a large enough hole in it that its fluid insides drained out, but not before it managed to kill the winged fellow. Whom Anson immediately reincarnated… as an orc. If I thought this was strange, I can only imagine what Mike thinks.

I ought to mention that during all of this, I used some of my talent at being hard to see for a bit. Everyone seemed to notice this; I tried to convince them that they hadn’t. After Xame returned my common sense, I gave up and admitted to my ninja training. I sure hope they know that it’s much less useful if people know you have it. Next time somebody wonders why I vanish, I’m going to tell them I had a low-quality potion of invisibility.

I suppose I should also mention that Mike seems to be some sort of monk. Monk! With a vow not to use any magic items on top of it. Something about atoning for something or another, he said. Maybe if he’d had some nastier magic on him, he wouldn’t be an orc now. Well, I’m not giving up my things any time soon.

Player’s Notes

Yeah, Taris likes her magic stuff. And doesn’t appreciate the advantages of the Vow of Poverty.

Anyway, we hit a break point… and therefore, 6th level for Taris. Which means Daring Outlaw feat, which means for some swashbuckler and ninja characteristics their levels stack. Excellent.

And she gets poison use. So, when they all get back to Sharn…