Adventure: Interlude
Session: 2007-02-10
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Taris
Status: Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 3/Ninja +2

Well, it seems the three people we met were after that vampire because they were being employed by some Viorr Maelak, who leads the Dark Lanterns intelligence service in Sharn. And despite having failed miserably, he still wants to employ them to help out. Eldon and I don’t have anything better to do, so we’re going along. That, and Eldon is providing transportation, since we don’t have enough for five lightning-rail tickets.


Sharn is huge. The towers are much taller than I’d expected. I was able to find a shop in one of the lower levels. Poison is expensive, so I didn’t get much. Maybe I should learn to make my own.

It sounds like these other three have been up to quite a bit recently. Something about dragonmarked undead warforged. That sounds troublesome to me. In any case, the Lord of Blades has apparently been sending preachers to stir up warforged, and some major member of House Cannith has been killed by collaboration of the Lord of Blades and the Emerald Claw, and we’ve been asked to look into this. By “we,” I mean Mike, Xame, and Anson; Eldon and I are just helping out at this point.

Xame and I stood out at the warforged rally, but Eldon blended right in, thanks to his magic. He also got “in,” thanks to his magical talent. After visiting the preacher’s place… as a warforged look-alike… he told us they wanted him to smash some factories. To prove his loyalty. That’s going to get interesting.

Xame suggested that maybe we should sneak into House Cannith, to see if maybe he could speak with this murdered Elaydren… using some clerical talent of his… but then said that maybe it was a bad idea. Something about consulting with his “patron.” Huh. He is good at sneaking around; I guess not all clerics are as self-righteous as my mother.

All this about the warforged thinking they’re superior… it almost justifies the Church looking askance at them. Except not really. And then they feel justified in attacking people of flesh. What a vicious cycle.


Viorr Maelak is a curious character. He essentially gave Eldon permission to smash up a factory to get “in” with the warforged cell. And get an excuse to increase security, too.

All went as planned, more-or-less. Eldon looked warforged, beat up guards via magic, smashed door, smashed factory from which people had been evacuated, and lept out of the window when the watch showed up. The watch showing up part gives him an excuse for only smashing one factory. This would have been fine by me, except that his beating up the guards used some sort of black bolt that killed them both. He made some sort of excuse about the power of magic being somewhat unpredictable. I can believe that. Still, the last time somebody I know used the “don’t know my own stength” excuse, he ended up having to atone for his misdeeds. Well, I’m not that inflexible. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt; I suppose a sorcerer-soldier wouldn’t have much in the way of nonlethal magic.

Xame did some asking around beforehand; it sounds like a bunch of Emerald Claw sorts chartered a ship to Xen’drik, which apparently matches hints a note left for the embroiled trio by the murderers. That, and Viorr Maelak says that once this warforged business gets cleared up, he’ll be willing to give us sufficient funds to travel there, to chase them down. Track down a bunch of evil Karrnathi in Xen’drik? I’m in. But first things first.

Player’s Notes

Well, this is going to get interesting very, very quickly, methinks. Conspiracies make for lots of convoluted possibilities.