News for Zarantyr 19th, 998

More than 30 people have been killed and 100 injured in four distinct terrorist attacks in the Precarious district of Lower Dura, sources at the Sharn Watch have disclosed.

Two attacks targeted key factories and warehouses, including those of large healing potion and weapons manufacturers that supply much of Sharn’s police force. The attacks left several guards and many late-night factory workers dead, with more wounded. All four attacks have been attributed to warforged terrorists possibly belonging to the cult known as “the Blades.”

These attacks are the deadliest in recent memory, and the property damage caused is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of gold pieces. However, many are more concerned for the long-term implications that the destruction of these facilities could have for Sharn security, as the loss of these factories could impede the ability of the Sharn Watch and the King’s Citadel to perform their jobs. Furthermore, factories in related industries may need to increase security, the added cost of which will be passed on to consumers.

Grieving families
“Why couldn’t the guards stop them?” asked one grieving widow of a dead factory worker. “They had security at my husband’s workplace—good security, I thought.” Unfortunately, the guards were apparently not enough to stop these warforged terrorists, who brutally beaten and killed several security detainments monitoring these locations. And although most guards were found dead due to physical trauma, at least two were found with strange black scorchmarks indicative of some kind of magical attack. One anonymous magewright said they looked like negative energy effects.

The Sharn inquisitive will be posting obituary notices for the dead factory workers and security forces in the days ahead.

Blades claim responsibility
At three of the four locations, warforged were seen fleeing the scene. Although the Watch attempted to stop them, the living constructs escaped while shouting slogans of hate and racial superiority, espousing the divinity of their supposed “warforged god,” the Lord of Blades (also see last week’s editorial).

Blades activity has seen a sharp increase in Sharn recently, but until now peaceful rallies were the extent of the disturbance. The doctrine of the Blades seems to be one of racial superiority and a belief in the divinity of their so-called messiah. Many warforged disavow this cult as preachers of hate, or even lunatics; however, others have been inspired by the recent street sermons to take up the Blades cause.

Increased security immiment?
Knight-Marshall Banarak Tithon, commander of the King’s Citadel, declined to comment on the attacks, saying only that “we take such matters very seriously.” Viorr Maelek of the Dark Lanterns was surprisingly more forthcoming, however: “We have been monitoring these warforged gatherings for some time now, and are very concerned that they may have a connection to recent attacks. We will be increasing security in several locations in response.”

Citizens of Sharn should remember that refusing to help agents of the Citadel is considered an act of treason against the Brelish crown.

It is unknown whether the recent investigations of House Cannith by the King’s Citadel have any connection to these attacks or warforged activity in general.