Adventure: Interlude, Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Session: 2007-03-04
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Taris
Status: Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 3/Ninja +2

Our cover story is that we’re with a Morgrave university group going exploring. The captain of the Sea Dart even gave us papers, from Maelik, to that effect. Well, let’s hope we don’t run into any of them while we’re here.


Today has been busy. First off, Stormreach is a fascinating place. The buildings are a patchwork of pretty much everything from Khorvaire mixed in with giants’ ruins. And the people are the same.

Xame’s been busy — he found us some information about traveling upriver to the ruins, and that the Emerald Claw, undead warforged and company were traveling by airship, and he sold those magic battleaxes we got in Sharn. Well, I got a bit more than the others… since I knew about one more battleaxe than the others. Not bad for a day’s work.

Xame also bumped into an artificer named Atronarch. He’s a warforged, so I suppose he’s got some extra qualifications in that. He’s joined us. This just proves that at least some warforged have some common sense where the Lord of Blades and evil in general are concerned.

We got a strange message… written in blood. And terrible grammar. Offering information. We eventually decided that regardless of whether this person knew what we were up to, this could be nothing but trouble, and we’d take care of it after we went to the docks to get a boat to take us upriver. At the docks, we met an elf named Murani. She said she was following the Draconic Prophecy, whatever that is, and believes that our particular group is involved, and wanted to join us. The more the merrier, right? I wonder how important what we’re doing really is. Prophecies are so vague anyway that they’re practically useless.

Well, we did charter a boat… and Murani kindly paid the fee, which was high because travel is treacherous in Xen’drik. Meanwhile, we tracked down the person who’d sent us the bloody note. He was some sort of undead my brothers never mentioned dealing with, but some work by Eldon and Xame destroyed him pretty quickly. All that was left of him was a holy symbol Xame said was of the Blood of Vol cult in Karrnath. Karrnathi everywhere. The presence of both that creature and the Emerald Claw seems a bit too much for coincidence.


Today we had our first bit of excitement on the river. The ship was attacked by a trio of trolls. Very annoying creatures — as soon as you skewer them, they start to heal back up. Fortunately, they’re not very intelligent, and so Eldon was got them with his spell that seriously slows down stupid things.

However, Mike was killed again. One of the trolls bit at him, dug its claws in and… ugh. Fortunately, Anson still had that instant-reincarnate spell prepared. Which means that Mike is now human. In any case, he can no longer complain that he is ugly… well, maybe by raptoran standards, but I wouldn’t know about those. How many bodies is he going to go through, anyway? If he keeps this up, he just might end up as a raptoran again.

This means, however, that Anson is out of something he needs for the spell. Which means that nobody else is allowed to die until we get back to Stormreach.

Hm. I’ve been feeling kind of guilty about that extra gold Xame gave me. Maybe I’ll just give it to Anson when we get back, and tell him to buy that ingredient he needs. Since I’m probably the person most often in the front line other than Mike, nobody will wonder why I’m contributing.

Player’s Notes

Well, this is going to get interesting. I’m not filling in the rest of what happened this session, since Taris wouldn’t have written an entry inside of the temple just yet…

Meanwhile, Taris took another ninja level right after the troll incident. Whee! Let’s just hope there aren’t any issues revolving around Anson’s lack of spell component.

Also, I did write this one mostly before the following session.