Adventure: Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Sessions: 2007-03-04, 2007-03-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

Race for the ruins

The next morning, we started by asking around the piers for a ferry to go south on the river with. A woman approached us that claimed that she foresaw our coming in the Draconic Prophecy, and asked to join us. I was a bit ambivalent and suspicious, but she put up 4000 gp for our ferry passage on an elemental-powered ferry, so we were content to have her along.

The voyage was five days along, and, again, we were attacked because we did not walk. I suppose walking would have taken too long, but given past experience, seemed safer. In any case, we were attacked by three trolls on the third day, which resulted in Mike dying and getting another new body. A human one this time. He wanted to know what he looked like, and the river was pretty murky, so I handed him a mirror. He seemed substantially more pleased with his looks, though a bit disappointed in his new lack of brute strength.

We reached the “Giant’s Left Hand,” as described in the intelligence from Viorr, and saw an airship with two guards inside. Not wanting to fight a full army, we decided to dispatch the two silently so they can’t raise alarm. The silence spell was good for that–in between the skewerings by Taris and the fist smashes by Mike, the situation was quickly resolved. We bound and interrogated them, to find that the main Emerald Claw force had arrived about a full day earlier, and were mostly inside the ruins.

We immediately set off exploring, and immediately ran afoul of some drow who lived there. They ordered us to leave, and despite Mike’s attempts to parley, fighting quickly ensued. It may be worthy to note that Mike was not anywhere close to death in this battle–a rare occurence indeed, considering our enemies had spell resistance.

As we were collecting the magical items after the battle, Eldon insisted on carrying them (apparently the others’ vouching still did not allay his doubts of me completely). Just as well; he also has a handy haversack, so everything is collected in one place. Should he fall like so many of my previous campanions, I’ll know what to grab before running.

We wandered up one of the two massive sets of stairs, and engaged a group of undead warforged stationed there. They were quite high up, and try as I could, I didn’t manage to climb even one of the three giant steps (each 10 feet high), despite expeditious retreat and a grapple-firing crossbow. Will need to remember to buy ladders next time I’m in town.

The others took care of the situation pretty well though, so I just did healing duty at the end. During the night, we were visiting by a pair of snake-men, calling themselves yuan-ti. They asked if we were seeking the same artifact they were, and upon further discussion, it was revealed that our goals actually differed–they wanted a Giant’s Tooth, while we sought the metal schema. Thus, we agreed to a trade, should one group find the other’s.

We explored the rest of the floor the next morning, after placating some dire apes. No sight of the schema, though we did find the Giant’s Tooth after a summoned Earth Elemental died opening the door to the room containing it. The tooth showed strong magical auras, and we began to debate whether it’d actually be a good idea to give such a powerful magic item to the yuan-ti. Especially if they don’t have the schema.

Oh, and Eldon managed to gain control of a large zombie that was initially attacking us. Quite a nifty little trick; wish I had thought of doing something to that effect first. The mindless pet was quite good at setting off traps and opening massive doors for us.

Back to the ground floor, we encountered a Gargantuan Scorpion, and Mike lived up to the expectation of him lying on the ground bleeding profusely. Though not to the extent of needing a new body this time. After defeating it, Taris noted an interest in the stinger in making poisons. Since it was quite large and she didn’t want to do the poison extraction here, I stuck the thing in my pack. This should count for the other part of my favor returned to her. (I also argued for her to have the most expensive item the party collected, a cloak of displacement.)

Player’s Notes:

Hm, depending on whether Bob actually joins us for more adventures, I may edit this and the previous post to reflect Xame’s interactions with Atronarch.

Number of times Mike has been brought below 0 HP so far: 5
Number of times Mike has been brought below -10 HP so far: 2