Adventure: Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Session: 2007-03-04, 2007-03-14
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Taris
Status: Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 3/Ninja +3

We reached the temple today. I’m writing this just before we rest, so I don’t forget anything.

Let’s see. We found the giant’s left hand and all that, and then stopped the guards on the Emerald Claw airskiff. Then we went in. And were promptly smacked by a large boulder. It seems a number of drow have claimed part of the temple, and didn’t want us in there with them. Mike tried to convince them that we would be perfectly happy to leave them be, but they wouldn’t have it. They’d probably had too much trouble with the Emerald Claw types. We were forced to deal with them via skewering and scorching.

Upstairs, after dealing with a couple more guards, we found a “small” ziggurat inside the temple itself. This place is huge! Well, it was built for giants. We ended up dealing with an Emerald Claw soldier, a few zombies and a mummy. The mummy had some sort of displacing cloak, which made it seem to be where it wasn’t. I’ve got it now. Eldon has my old cloak of resistance in storage.
This seems to be where the Emerald Claw folks were camping, so this is where we’re camping. Although, it seems somewhat deserted now, which bothers me.


I’ll fill this in now, now that we’re taking a quick stop before moving on.

Last night, we met some serpent-people called Yuan-ti. It sounds like they’re looking for some other artifact, a giant’s tooth. We agreed to swap if they find the schema and we find the tooth. They also said that they’d found some deceased humans, in an area they did not enter.

We found them pretty soon afterwards. They were all, well, dead, and lying around an adamantine door. Anson sent in an earth elemental, which went through the stone wall, opened the door, and promptly died. He sent in another elemental, which retrieved the giant’s tooth. Without dying. None of us wanted to get too close. According to Eldon, it’s very magical. Xame is concerned about just giving something that powerful to the yuan-ti, and I’ve got to agree with him. Unless they’ve got the schema, which is probably pretty powerful in itself. So long as the yuan-ti don’t plan to do evil, the exchange should be all right.

Mike finally caught up with us this morning. He’d forgotten that humans don’t have darkvision, and gotten lost. He does seem to have a great deal of bad luck. He did seem somewhat surprised when I told him that Eldon had turned into a raptoran for a little while to fight the mummy.

While we were exploring this level, we ran into a bunch of large apes. Dealing with them is far easier than undead, since I know where to hit them.

In one chamber, we found a large monster — an undead gray render. Disgusting creature, living (scratched out) unliving in filth, horribly stupid… and instead of just putting the thing out of its misery, Eldon started commanding it! Ugh. I can hardly believe it. I mean, it’s undead! They’re so unnatural. Well, so are warforged, but at least warforged are truly living beings, not hideous parodies of life. Except for the undead ones…

The undead gray render did prove useful. I haven’t done too much study of traps, and the others have done less. So we let the gray render set off the traps first. It fell down a pit that opened up in front of a door. After opening the door using a pole, Mike jumped across, I jumped across, and Anson flew across on his eagle. I think I should have been the only one to go across, since I’m a bit tougher than Anson, jump well, and can handle magic items, unlike Mike. However… we all went through, and we all were hit by a burst of flame. I grabbed the object — some sort of gold hoop around a crystal lens — and we all went back across before the trap reset.

There was nothing else to see, so we decided to check the ground floor before examing the third floor. Eldon found his gray render, and we entered a room we hadn’t examined earlier. After passing some strange offerings and another dead Emerald Claw soldier (we seem to be doing much better with this temple than they are) we met the largest scorpion I have ever seen in my life. It must have been twenty feet long! The gray render drew most of its attention… until Mike decided he would punch it himself. He got torn a bit and stung. He afterwards was very greatful that monks are immune to poison. I ought to remember that, in case we meet any evil monks. In any case, after some zapping, the scorpion went down. I cut off its stinger, and Xame agreed to put it in his bag of holding, since, honestly, I don’t have space in my pack for a two-foot-plus stinger. But the venom would make a nice poison, I think. I guess I owe Xame one.

We found a strange rod in that room, also. I’d be glad if we find the schema soon, and can clear out. By the Flame, I hope Eldon doesn’t decide to keep his “pet.”

Player’s Notes

So, I just looked up the cost of a Cloak of Displacement, minor… um… that’s a LOT of gold pieces.

But she does get 8th level. Hm. Ninja or duelist? Duelist yields more hit points, but ninja implies being able to put a bunch of skill points into making her search/disable device checks halfway reasonable. Or we could just leave that business to the undead gray render.

And she ought to put a point into craft (poison). Oh, well, worst comes to worst, she could ask Xame to help find a poisonmaker in Stormreach, and get a discount for having the main ingredient. If it doesn’t go bad or something. And share with the others, of course, if they’re interested in such things.

And no, I couldn’t resist the title. Especially with the rolling boulder bit at the beginning.