Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Blaze
Status: Paladin 2 / Cleric 6 (Silver Flame)

“I’ll miss you!” shouted the girl, with tears streaming down her face.

“Wipe away those tears, Freckle-face. What would the Cardinals say if they saw their dear Keeper in tears? Throw me in a dungeon, most likely.”

Jaela punched him. “Can’t you be serious for once? I won’t get to see you again for I-don’t-know-how-many years. You’re the only one I completely trust; I’ll feel so much less safe with you gone. Not to mention, alone… with you gone, who can I tell my nightmares of the demon within the Flame?”

“I won’t be gone that long, dear Jaela. And you can cast Sending to tell me your nightmares.”

“It won’t be the same. Jermon, promise me you’ll contact me every week!”

The lad shrugged. “Can’t you just scry on me?”

He was punched again. “All right, all right, I promise.”

Jaela sniffled again. “I still don’t understand why you have to go yourself. Can’t we just send out a task force to do all of those things? I’ll promote you to Silver Retainer, and then you can be by me day and night.”

“You said yourself: I’m the only one you can completely trust. Any task force we assemble is bound to have at least one man on Diani or Krozen’s payroll. While my competence may be suspect, my loyalty assuredly is not.”

“I have every confidence of your coming success. But.. be not away too long, and remember that courage is the complement of fear. Be not fearless, for to me you are worth more than any artifact you can manage to recover or any army that I can assemble.”

Jermon nodded, took out his handkerchief, and wiped away the girl’s tears. “It’s about time for me to go.”

She nodded, stood up straight, and looked to her companion expectantly. Her friend hesitated a moment before giving her a friendly embrace.

She smiled when it ended, and incanted some words of divine power.

In a moment, the two of them stood just outside the gates of Flamekeep. The Keeper saluted her knight. “Sir Blaze of Flamekeep, I bid thee well.”

Jermon was born in Flamekeep, where the strong expression of his ancestral heritage was immediately recognized and put to good use. He began his harsh training as a Paladin at age four. Jermon’s parents were civilians, and did not have access to the inner quarters, but fortunately a kindly priestess (Meizi Daran) who lived next to his new quarters took care of him.

Meizi had just given birth to a daughter during Jermon’s arrival, named Jaela, and as Jermon grew older, he learned to love Jaela as a sister. When Jaela was selected to be the Keeper at age six, Jermon had assumed that he hardly ever again speak with the little girl, but was quickly pleasantly surprised. Jaela’s acceptance of the position was not unconditional: Most pertinent, Jermon and Meizi were both promoted to the rank of High Priest, with special priveleges of meeting the Keeper. Though a bit regretful that he must stray from the path of the Paladin, Jermon accepted, and applied himself to the arts of the Cleric.

Now, five years later, a number of threats to Jaela have surfaced. Jermon was in a unique position to observe them, for he was in a position of moderately high rank, yet most assumed him to be a naive brat up-jumped due to nepotism. Thus, the conspirators of this faction or that were much less wary than they should have beeen of the Keeper’s most loyal companion. Recently, though, that has started to change, as Jermon grew into young adulthood. No longer could he hear the whispers of usurpings and briberies, though he knew they still persisted.

Then, there was the demon in the Flame. The Voice of the Flame, typically attributed to be the Paladin Tira Miron, was but one of three that haunts Jaela nightly. The demon, though the least powerful voice of the three present, was dreadful when he did command the power of the Flame: Many a night did the youthful Keeper awaken in screams from the threats and nightmares the demon caused.

As a result of the above and others, Jermon decided to journey from Flamekeep to accomplish a number of goals. They are as follows:

  1. to reconnoiter the other nations and their states of readiness for re-kindled war,
  2. to discover the extent of Diani ir’Wynarn’s plans to usurp power,
  3. to seek an artifact that can permanently destroy the demon within the Flame and ease Jaela’s sufferings,
  4. to help solidify Jaela’s position within the Church and Thrane against the Council of Cardinals (esp. High Cardinal Krozen),
  5. to discover the secrets of the Day of Mourning that ended the Last War, and
  6. to recruit a loyal contingent of persons of high ability who would answer directly to Jaela.

Jermon, knighted as Sir Blaze in carrying the wrath and power of the Silver Flame, was nominally on a quest to find new converts for the Silver Flame and to destroy evil where ever it lurked. Many of those in power in Flamekeep viewed this move with little suspicion, thinking him to be but a haughty boy seeking his first adventure. He had even heard it whispered that some believed him to yearn the brothels of less puritanic nations. Jermon, prior to his departure, did his best to deny these rumors in the most unconvincing ways possible.

In the three years that followed, Jermon has been moderately successful in most of his tasks. He established contacts of some sort or other in most major cities, and is relatively confident of getting at least one day’s warning before any major political manuevers. He recruited some twenty men and women of various talents and the highest moral benchmarks, and sent them back to Flamekeep. Jaela named these the members of the Inner Guard, and placed them in positions of low nominal rank but high strategic importance within Flamekeep. He even recovered an artifact bracelet from Aerenal that allows Jaela to suppress dream invasions (for obvious reasons, the Keeper does not use it continuously though).

That is not to say that he was entirely unobstructed in his quest. Blaze was killed once when he snooped on the dispositions of the royal family in Korth a bit less than subtly. Jaela cried secretly for days, and hoarded diamond offerings for weeks before she could cast the True Resurrection spell. (She dared not draw from the official Silver Flame treasury, though she was fully entitled to–at best, the people of Thrane would view her as profligate and whimsical; at worst, the conspiratory Cardinals would realize that their puppet was no longer mindless.)

Other than that unconventional method of returning to Flamekeep, Blaze has returned twice to his city of birth. Both times though, he felt tails on him, and thus refused to see the Keeper except on the most formal occasions.. for which he had to apologize profusely afterwards. Blaze realizes that eventually the other players would realize that neither he nor Jaela are pawns any longer, and on some level he yearns for that day to quickly arrive, for then he could see the Keeper once more. But every extra moment the two of them had to solidify their position was precious, and Blaze was not so selfish as to jeopardize Jaela’s life for a moment’s worth of reunion.

For now, he journeys to try to understand the Day of Mourning, and the significance of the powers that caused it on Thrane.

The last message Blaze sent to Jaela via sending (scroll):

“In Sharn. Warforged revolt involves Emerald Claw. South House Cannith arrested for creation of new warforged. Rumored undead dragonmarked warforged. Headed to Xen’drik. Miss you.”

Player’s Notes:

This build will be focusing on two combinations:

  • Power Attack + anyspell (wraithstrike) for damage
  • delay death + Diehard for HP invulnerability

Aasimar Paladin 2 / Cleric 6 (Silver Flame)

Base Stats:

  • Str: 14 + 2 (leveling) = 16
  • Dex: 10
  • Con: 10
  • Int: 12
  • Wis: 14 + 2 (race) = 16
  • Cha: 13 + 2 (race) = 15

So, I wasn’t sure whether to wield a Falchion or a Scythe, but then, I read through the Eberron campaign setting again, and found the perfect weapon! Talenta Sharrash, 1D10, 19-20/x4 range, reach weapon. Tack on a Keen to that, and you get an extra 60% damage from crits! (Put another way, 37.5% of my damage output will be due to crits). 1 Feat? Cheap.

I’m hoping this backstory will be somewhat integrated into the coming adventures. I mean, come on: eventual lead-in to romantic subplot and deus ex machina true resurrection… what could be better? 😀 Plus, it’s intrigue-heavy, and very much in the spirit of everything being politics in Eberron.

Depending on where Blaze actually shows up to join the party, the last message may have to be edited.

The Inner Guard: 18 NPCs recruited by Blaze for Jaela’s personal protection, as well as being Eyes and Ears inside Thrane. All are either Neutral Good or Lawful Good, possess above average intelligence, and are strongly devoted to maintaining peace and prosperity within Khorvaire. Character levels range from 4 to 7, and class composition vary from Rogues to Monks to Fighters to Wizards. All of them know Blaze moderately well (i.e. interacted closely for at least one week), and all of them regularly report to Jaela herself.