Adventure: Before the Storm
Session: 2007-05-05
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Taris Talandro
Status: Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 3/Ninja +4/Duelist 1/Ninja +1

We reached the ziggurat today. The lake the others mentioned has been replaced by a bone field. Ugh. Allia seemed delighted, and promptly set up for more tea. The name-changing gnome decided to stick around with her. I think he’s waiting for more of those fanatical followers of his to arrive.

The rest of us decided to go on in, and see what we could find. As we approached the entrance, we were attacked by this gigantic purple worm. No eyes; it could sense things well enough that my disappearing trick wouldn’t have done any good.

Ah, what would be do without Mike, though? He was the first to attack, the first to be bitten, and the first to be swallowed. I will admit that Blaze followed soon afterwards. He said that he was just trying to rescue Mike. Hm. He didn’t seem to have planned to get swallowed… but he did cast a spell to get him and the monk out of the creature’s innards. Neither of them looked very good afterwards… well, I skewered it a bit (as much as you can skewer a worm bigger than you are), Anson’s eagle and air elemental whacked at it and Sovalem zapped it into submission. Since he’d heard that they occasionally swallow valuable things in their tunneling, we sliced open its stomach. In addition to some gold, we found an immovable rod. Push a button, and it stays where it is. Even in mid-air. I’m sure that will come in handy.

After that, we entered the ziggurat. Sovalem and I worked to disable a couple of traps, and we even found a sapphire amulet and some black dust. Sovalem’s out of whatever he needs to identify what they do, since they’re both magical. Blaze is trying out the amulet… I hope he doesn’t hurt himself accidentally that way. Paladins. He’s almost as likely to get himself hurt as Mike.

After that, we met this elemental, except its element was evil or something. Big, black, nasty thing. We surprised it, so I used my bracers and, with some difficulty, found a weak spot… and Sovalem zapped it. It liked the zapping less than the skewering, and went for Sovalem — hard. His head just snapped back and — well, that would have been it, except that Anson cast that instant reincarnate spell of his. Blaze finished off the elemental, and then I turned back to see… a female kobold?! I think Mike got lucky in his reincarnations; at least he stayed the same gender! Ugh! I think I’ll just avoid the question of “what will you reincarnate as next?” by not dying. There’s a plan. But this is going to be almost as confusing for all of us as for Sovalem, since he — she? — is a different gender but pretty much the same person otherwise… and the kobold thing. May the Flame have mercy…

Otherwise, we took the downward fork in the stairs, since Lucan was known to be upstairs before, and we didn’t want to go after him until we knew we wouldn’t be attacked from behind.

We met a group of mummies, and destroyed them. We met a bunch of vampire spawn, whom we quickly destroyed. One of them was apparently familiar to the rest — he used to be dragonborn or something.

We’re just preparing to go on — I certainly hope that this works out, since we still haven’t met Lucan himself yet. I think we’re going to try to get him on our side, by giving him the amulet from the keep, and then just go get him if that doesn’t work.

And I wonder. There was another person, a wizard named Antinua, who was also killed by Lucan. From what the others say, she’s probably a vampire now. Ugh, what a horrible fate. She’s certain to be under Lucan’s control. But, if you don’t want to be a vampire, if you become one against your will, do you actually become evil? I mean, Allia’s undead, and she’s not evil, just childish. She’s more interested in tea with her skeletons than anything else.

Maybe part of the reason I’m speculating about this is that I don’t really want to need to face an undead wizard…

Player’s Notes

I’m looking forward to the next session. New character vs. old character? Could be interesting. And, given that this is Eberron, and alignments are difficult to predict, I wonder if Antinua could still have her good alignment, despite being a vampire under Lucan’s control… hm… that would make things interesting indeed…

In any case, I suspect that Taris is going to be rather ineffective if this comes to a fight (which it probably will) except for the “I vanish” and “I use deathstrike bracers,” which she can only do about three times anyway. I seem to recall that Antinua didn’t have see invisibility at the time she died… although she probably had a scroll for it… oh, dear. I anticipate eagle+elementals, wind+zapping and alter-self+power-attack+light of the flame (ie, “light of venya” etc. in Eberron) to be the strategies of choice.

More Player Notes

Everything above this was written prior to last Saturday’s session… oh, dear. I suppose I will summarize here:

Taris, Blaze, Anson, and Sovalem go up the stairs. They meet Antinua-turned-vampire. Antinua casts Blaze into a stone dome. Taris, who’s not good with undead, watches Antinua turn invisible. She relays this information; Sovalem casts his… her windy spell-thing. This has no effect, since before we can do much else, Antinua casts cloudkill (we all take Con damage) and then a Sudden Maximized flame spell — I think it was flame burst or something. Take 90 points of damage, reflex save for half. Sovalem and Taris take half, and die anyway. Anson takes full and dies, although he would have survived had he made his save. Blaze escapes by casting fly on himself, breaking through the stone with an adamantine shard, taking reflex save for half on a lightning bolt, grabbing Sovalem the kobold and carrying her body out while flying as fast as he can manage.

Vampires 2, party 0.

The rest of the session turned into character-building… with no XP loss, thanks to DM mercy.