Adventure: Into the Maw
Sessions: 2007-05-27
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Tyrian
Status: Human Paragon 1/Wizard 1/Human Paragon +2/Master Specialist 4/Fatespinner 3

A blaster’s worst nightmare

Orilam, a young (by elf standards) girl of some 80 winters, finished relaying High Priest Blaze’s message to the Keeper of the Flame. Jaela was noticeably upset.

“What the Flame!? I can see Krozen not wanting me in on the military planning and all, but Blaze? My own dear Jermon?”

Orilam attempted to put in an appeasing statement. “Sir Blaze most likely does not wish to trouble Your Grace with the stress of military reports in these trying times.”

“Because, you know, I’m just dying from the stress of interpreting the Silver Flame these days. Geez, I’ve even told him already that the Flame’s been awfully quiet of late.”

“Sir Blaze did entrust Your Grace with the highly important task of divining enemy movements…”

“Yeah, I’ve been doing that just like he asked. I mean, we have days until the warforged armies are anywhere near! Is it too much to ask that he spends a couple hours with his best and oldest friend?” Jaela sighed after her angry rant. “You know, sometimes I really envy you, Orilam. Tyrian never needs to be asked twice to spend time with you.”

“I…” Orilam blushed. “I was not aware Your Grace knew of our relationship.”

“Oh, come on, give me some credit here. How am I to stand against Krozen when he finally acts against me if I can’t even figure out the motives and actions of my own followers? Don’t worry though; I haven’t been telling others.”

Orilam bowed. “Your Grace is kind.”

“Hey, my kindness isn’t free here. Tyrian got in earlier today, right? Knowing him, he probably told you all the details of his missions. Come on, spill it!”

“Tyrian was somewhat upset upon returning. He griped on and on about ‘a blaster’s worst nightmare.'”

“Wait, this is the vampire that Blaze with dealing with earlier? Antua or something like that?”

Orilam shook her head. “No, the vampire Antinua was defeated easily by Tyrian early yesterday. Afterwards, Sir Blaze sent Tyrian out on another mission with his newfound colleagues. They traveled to the Glowing Chasm in the Mournland, where Vol had built a stronghold.”

“VOL!? Like, we’re talking the half-dragon half-elf half-lich Mark of Death-dragonmarked leader of the Emerald Claw here?”

“Yes, according to Sir Blaze (by way of Tyrian), Vol and the Lord of Blades have been allied in raising the warforged armies. It is said that some of the warforged are undead, and bear dragonmarks.”

“Hm, I suppose that makes sense.” Jaela then slammed the desk with her fist. “And what did Blaze think would be the harm in letting me know about this!? I’m a cleric, you know, and a far better one than him. I probably could turn Vol to ashes in seconds were she to attack Flamekeep.”

Orilam waited for the Keeper of the Flame to finish her rants before continuing calmly. “Tyrian and his fellows stormed the castle in the glowing chasm, and managed to kill an aged green dragon there last night with little trouble. Sovelom, the kobold, mentioned that he might be Vol’s father.

“This morning, they clambered to the top of the spire and confronted Vol herself. It seems Vol was prepared for them, and had an illusion of the Lord of Blades ready. She also disguised herself as a little undead girl trapped by circumstances. Tyrian immediately reacted the illusory Lord of Blades the way he does to any powerful melee combatant–wrapping them in a blanket of solid fog, before repeatedly blasting with area effect spells.”

“Hah! Sounds like Tyrian, all right. I’ll bet he was pissed after realizing he wasted all those spells.”

“Indeed he was, Your Grace, but that was not the worst of it. Vol surprised the group by flicking an antimagic ray at Nebu, the war weaver, and suppressing his magical abilities. Tyrian turned to face Vol, and consecutively threw an iceball, a fireball, and a cacophonic burst at her, only to have much of the damage mitigated by contingent resist energy spells. Teferi, the gnome, managed to dispel most of Vol’s effects afterwards, but Tyrian was already about out of spells.”

“Wait… but Vol’s a lich. Isn’t she immune to cold damage then?”

“The resist cold spell was but a ruse to encourage Tyrian to continue using ice spells.”

“Oh. Hmph! If Tyrian had actually attended that class Blaze planned for him, then he’d have known.”

“Vol had also casted another spell on most of the group, which sent many of them to attacking indiscriminately. It was quite a struggle, but the jade phoenix mage, Siivrell, finally managed to subdue Vol.”

“A jade phoenix mage, you say? Wow, Tyrian has sure found himself quite a competent group. Vol will show up again at some point, being a lich, but hopefully it’ll be after we smash the warforged armies. So, what’s Tyrian up to now?”

“He’s re-supplying with his comrades.”

“Oh, you mean he’s here in Flamekeep right now! I’m sorry! I should’ve asked you some other time. Run along and go spend time with him!”

Player’s Notes:

Gyah. How was I supposed to know the DM would give the BBEG not 1 but 5 contingent resist energy spells?

Same trick won’t work twice though.