Adventure: Into the Maw
Session: 2007-05-27
Player: Rachel
PC: Silverwind Siivrell
Status: Warblade 1/Wizard 5/Jade Phoenix Mage 5

We continued to work our way through the dark fortress; we next quickly defeated a group of aberrations (our sworn enemies), and then rested for the night inside a rope trick inside a secret passage that the guard kindly told us about.

Only one strange event occurred while we stood against the aberrations.

“Not right now… kind of busy.”

Why did Mike just say that?

Obviously, someone is talking to him.


A moment or two later, when a path to the entrance had cleared, he said, “I’ve got to go,” and went.

In the middle of the Mournland?

That seems even more foolish than something you would do.



The next day, Mike found and rejoined us; he explained that he had to take a message from an oak tree.

An oak tree? That seems odd. I mean, dryad, maybe, or an awakened plant, but–

I told you so! Don’t you remember me mentioning that oak tree near the ziggurat?

Not really.

You’re hopeless.


We passed through the next chamber by means of silence and invisibility, avoiding the monsters there. Sovelom also examined a pit there, briefly, which apparently led to the Glowing Chasm. He informed us that it had strong magic from every school… and could tell without detecting magic.

Siivrell… I don’t like this.

It’s the Mournland. Let’s not go swimming in there, shall we?

Nebu cast fly on all of us, and we went up a shaft in the next chamber… which led us to the uppermost part of a tower, where the Lord of Blades appeared to be casting into a huge cauldron, and Vol (whom we recognized from before) chained to the base of it, holding a plush green dragon and looking generally terrified. Of course, we were still invisible at this point, but, with her being part dragon, she could sense us. Tyrian cast a fog around the Lord of Blades, and then Siivrell lunged forward.

Uh, Siivrell, remember last time, when—

Oh, shush. Maybe she’s had a change of heart.

Siivrell! She’s undead! She doesn’t really have—

Too late. She had already drawn me, and I crashed readily through the chain. Vol shook it off, gestured towards the cloud… then cast an antimagic field on our war weaver. The Lord of Blades was really only an illusion, as were the chains.

SIIVRELL!! What did I tell you?!

She was this tricky last time, wasn’t she?

Here we go again…

Chaos followed. Spells were cast; the war weaver walked untouched among them. For a moment, many of us, including myself, shamed though I am to admit it, were deceived by one of Vol’s spells into believing all of our allies to be Vol. Most unpleasantly dispelled, I’ll tell you. The gnome Teferi dispelled many of Vol’s defenses using the powers of his mind, and Tyrian finally managed to get past them with his blasting capabilities. At last, she was at the edge of Sovalem’s sleet storm, just keeping her balance… and a perfect target.

Siivrell sent her fury through me, augmenting my own strength. Vol was destroyed.

There! That’s done then.

Siivrell… if you were a lich, where would you keep your phylactery?

Very, very far away from my main base; in a secondary safe place, established beforehand, if possible. Hm. I see your point. But there’s always hoping, right?

I suppose… did you recognize that curse?

That dark language, yes.

The last time someone cursed us like that…

Don’t remind me. At least it only lasted one lifetime.

The pieces of Vol flew into the cauldron, which cracked; from within it emerged a green dragon, which flew into the… blue sky?

I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that. Ever.

Me, neither.

How could she have cleared the gloom over this part of the Mournland? And why? Is it just a consequence of the power she was using? The cauldron did have powers of animate dead and consumptive field contained in it; that has clearly affected her, but, with the moons’ conjunction, what has it done to the Mournland?

I’m a sword. You’re the mage.

Right. And the Mournland is also without precedent… what a puzzle.

After a moment, still under the effects of Nebu’s fly spell, Mike rose above the rest of us to examine the surrounding area. He reported that the Glowing Chasm was now boiling and bubbling.

So now the glowing chasm is a boiling brew of extremely powerful magic of all kinds.

Siivrell, that can’t be good.

For once, I’m inclined to agree with you. Animate dead… hm. What if that just animated the dead lying in the Mournland?



I don’t know about you, but that’s more undead than I can handle.

That’s what I thought. I hope I’m as wrong as you always say I am.

Player’s Notes

I am highly amused by the last strike made against Vol. Lots of stuff causing lots of damage. Yay! Siivrell will be most disappointed if she and Vol meet again. Which, considering the lifespans of the persons involved… is not unlikely.

Amazing, nobody was killed in that encounter. Or even dropped into negatives… which, considering the amount of healing magic we have, is a good thing.

And now, for the final showdown…