Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Sessions: 2006-10-30, 2006-11-04
Player: Daniel Thai
PC: Tuiluilan
Status: Fighter 2

Dear Father,

Thank you again for preparing the weapon I mentioned previously. Also, thank you for not chastising me overly much for my behavior. First of all, you’re probably wondering why I’m writing on paper, rather than the significantly cheaper parchment I normally write on. Would you believe that I got it from Councilor Raidith’s house in Sharn? Well, another, adventure happened.

OK, first thing I should mention is that I got along reasonably well with the other adventurers, especially Alain. He’s a fellow fighter, seems to get along reasonably well with the other people, and serves as the leader at times, although I have a strong personality too. Anyway, it all came down to slightly after I sent you the last note. Xame, the coward who stole the torch—you remember the last letter—decided that he wanted a fair share. I gave him all the money I had left after paying you just to make him go away. Alain was most helpful in convincing him that he would be better off elsewhere. Eventually, Mike, the raptoran, gave him 300 pieces of gold, and he went away. Good riddance, I say. I can’t communicate to you how much he and I clashed—both over morality and taste. He had poor taste, especially when it came to rat stew. But I digress.

Anyway, eventually, we had to figure out why some treaty (and they never did tell me which one, or what it was about), was going to be passed. It was between Breland and the house of Cannith. Some guy decided to change his vote with no explanation. Through various spells and interesting diplomacy, we found out that Lord Raidith’s bodyguard had had something to do with a house Cannith official’s death. Eventually, through more intrigue, we ran into a wererat and I struck him a blow that I’m sure he remembered. The thing about wererats is that they have thick skin, but I managed to get lucky. Mike, the raptoran—he kept the wererat safely underneath him. I also remember squashing a rat against the wall with one of my ends of my quarterblade—although I forget which one it was. Anyway, we eventually figured out that he was planning to use wands that eliminate magical auras from magical… things, I guess. I don’t know. Anyway, those who did know about magical things, and I myself, found this serious.

After that, Lord Raidith decided to invite us for dinner, a most unfriendly visit, you can be sure. I decided to talk it over with Alain, who seemed strangely argumentative. I wanted to plan for every detail, while he decided that he was going to only plan for one thing—a standard double cross. However, we did acquire two warforged as reinforcements, should we need them—courtesy of the baron of the house of Cannith—by whose grace Raidith was a councilor.

I wish I could regale Mom with the tale of a battle, but unfortunately, I spent most of it in a stupor. After having gotten into the house (and helped myself to some of Lord Raidith’s paper), I rushed into the room and saw Raidith. As he informed us that he wished that we would could commit suicide, I readied an attack. But before I could attack, his ally saw fit to blast me with a spray of colors. At first I thought they were so pretty, but soon I realized that I couldn’t see anything except a swirling mass of color. Blues and reds sparkling before my eyes in a sea of… something. The next thing I felt was someone slapping me awake. I still was petty groggy, and I couldn’t move, but I could tell that it was a small hand. A halfling’s hand. Then, later, it seemed to lift somewhat, and I heard another halfling voice say something about a musclehead. He only used that word to refer to Alain and me, and I don’t think it was Alain. Anyway, eventually I came to, only to find out that the battle was over, and that I had an aching wound in my side.

He, our adversary that is, was smiling. He was looking at Antinua like she was his long-lost sister or something. Now, he wasn’t fighting, and there were 8 of us to 1 of him, so I wanted to grab him then and there. But strangely, no one else seemed to agree with me. Even Alain, who had seemed reasonably straight forward and decisive didn’t want to. So instead, we posted a guard, and waited for massive reinforcements from the Sharn watch. But, predictably, he disappeared before we could lay hands—or wings in Mike’s case—on him. Oh well. We were treated to a royal feast, and I got a brand new set of shining armor. Magical armor, even. Mom would be so jealous that she doesn’t have one. Anyway, that’s it for this note. I hope this letter finds you all in good health, and may the Sovereign Host watch over you.

Your Loyal Son,


P.S. Beware rat stew.

Player’s Notes

This is the last post of Tui because he died in the next adventure.


Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-10-30, 2006-11-04
Player: Michael Busch
PC: Mike
Status: Monk 2

What I will tell you now is such that I ask you not to speak of it to any others than raptorans. The flocks will laugh, and debate my wisdom and that of my fellow adventurers, but we were hired to locate a traitor to the ruler of one of the dragonmarked houses. I would rather that humans not learn of this conversation.

Things improved after the visit to the sewers. I was still staying at a tavern, but the company was considerably better. I learned more of my companions. Tui you have heard of. Alain had been in the Brelish infantry during the war and recently mustered out, although with a surprising knowledge of the noble houses for a footsoldier. Antinua has a small viper she calls Indigo, who generally is wrapped around one of her arms.

A few weeks after we left Elaydren, something happened which is discouragingly common for adventurers. Someone tried to kill us in our sleep. Then again, we were hardly in a well-defended rookery. We subdued the assassin, a human female who did not seem in command of herself. Then guards of House Cannith arrived. They bound the woman and led her away, and told us to meet the Lady at the usual place. Since I didn’t recall doing anything someone should kill me for, I went with the others, in search of enlightenment.

Elaydren informed us that the assassin, who had been dominated, was a counselor to Baron Merrix d’Cannith, and that she would be quietly exiled. Elaydren then offered us a job. The Baron was trying to decide if he should approve a treaty with the Brelish government, to give them various unspecified technology. Elaydren, who does jobs for the Baron that no-one else has the latitude for, suspected that someone was interfering with the counselors. They were changing their opinions on the treaty, and one had now attacked us for no apparent reason. We agreed to investigate, and she gave us lodgings in the House Cannith enclave and papers to gain access to the Baron and his advisors.

We spent the next several days wading through the tangle of House politics. The replacement counselor for the assassin was replaced by an unknown on a forged application; one of the other counselors, Raidith, wore a magical circlet and a very ugly man named Klid served as his bodyguard. A House Cannith clerk was found in the sewers with his throat ripped out. We also saw Xame, now apparently a cleric, who claimed to be a low-level bureaucrat, but as I said Elaydren doesn’t like loose ends, so it was obvious that he was on a parallel mission.

We lost a day when Tui decided to chase Klid into the depths by himself. He got lost and did not have any coins or sufficient diplomacy to ask for a guide to the heights. It took him some time to return, whereupon he was proud to have mapped his way back. At the same time, Antinua had persuaded Klid to meet us that evening. Klid did meet us, and brought a half-dozen rats with him, which attacked us. They did not do so well. The snake got two of them by itself. Klid, on the other hand, was apparently a wererat and a practitioner of the philosophy that if you interfered with him, he would kill you. Enlightening him was rather unpleasant, but in his effects we found wands that would suppress magical auras and instructions from Radith that they should be used on the other counselors.

The next day, Elaydren had disappeared. There was a note on her door, from Raidith, who invited us to ‘dinner to discuss the matter’. We informed the Baron, who agreed that the treaty should not be passed given the lengths to which its supporters were willing to go. He also ordered all of the offices to be swept for the suppressing wands and assigned two warforged to assist us in recovering Elaydren.

Raidith’s house had a rigged front door, but Xame had gotten there before we did and smashed a window. Raidith had controlled Elaydren as he had the other counselors, and also dominated Alain. He was subdued by Antinua, while Xame served some purpose by releasing Elaydren and Alain from control. Tui had been knocked out by a spray of lights and color. We got Elaydren away, but Raidith escaped before the Sharn Watch arrived. He was kind enough to leave his magic items behind.

Baron Merrix was pleased by these events, and we were rewarded with more magic items. I mean no disrespect to your profession, for you only summon the forces of nature, but I am wary of trusting my safety to a ring and an amulet. These towers stand, but they aren’t easily injured by steel.

Considering that Xame saved our skins, he seemed to be more accepted by the others. He has stopped trying to lift from everyone in sight, but seems to have some more sophisticated dubiousness planned. You see how strangely the surface-dwellers act, I hope.

Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-11-04
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Antinua
Status: Wizard 2

Dear Kanathas:

I will resume with our meeting with Klid and his “friends.” Between the four of us, we managed to keep him cornered and kill his rats. I have determined that Indigo likes rats in the same state that I like them; that is, dead. Also, Klid is a lycanthrope, apparently a wererat. At one point, Mike and Klid were wrestling each other, with fur and feathers flying. I attempted to send both of them to sleep, thereby eliminating the problem. It is a pity that the spell cannot be directed to a specific target. Unfortunately, it only affected Mike. I apologized once the situation was resolved. I will remember to be more careful with spells in the future; hindering one’s allies is not the best use of one’s magic.

We kept Klid contained long enough for them to arrive and take charge of the situation. Klid was taken to prison, where we explained that he was probably trying to kill us and was likely responsible for the clerk’s demise. He had a number of interesting items as well, which the Watch consented to show to us. Notably, he had a message from his “master” and a wand of Nystul’s magic aura. The use of such a wand would explain why I found no magic auras in Grayson’s office.

In the council session that morning, the matter of Klid’s arrest was discussed. Many people were upset with Raidith. We managed to muddy the waters ourselves. Alain spoke to the council and tried to present the message in Klid’s possession. Unfortunately, it was not in Raidith’s handwriting, and only angered the council. To make matters worse, we had not been able to find Lady Elaydren that morning, which was very peculiar. Those who know her said that she is almost never late or absent from work.

Unable to find Elaydren, we decided to speak with Raidith. He was not particularly subtle. He hinted that he had kidnapped Elaydren, and suggested that we meet at his house for dinner and discussion.

We accepted, but with reservations. Expecting trouble, we explained the situation to the Baron himself, who agreed to lend us a pair of warforged guards to assist us in the event of trouble. We finished our preparations, and went to Raidith’s house.

The grounds were unpleasant, and covered by some strange mist. We were intending to enter through the front door; however, we immediately noticed blood on the front step. That did not appear promising, so we started to go around the building. One window was broken, with a roughly halfling-sized hole in it. Around the back, we found a door which had been pushed open… and Xame, who is roughly halfling-sized. He was also looking for Elaydren and Raidith. We then opened the front door from the inside without incident, and the two warforged stood by, waiting for a message from me if we were in trouble. Everything on the first floor was covered in dust and apparently abandoned. Raidith has strange tastes.

We proceeded to examine the second floor. We found little of note, save that this area was clearly inhabited. In the chamber that was apparently his bedroom, we found a few darts in his wardrobe. None of us wanted to examine them too closely; Tui suggested using Indigo to determine their properties. The idea! However, after speaking to Mike for a moment, I decided that attempting to explain why I was so offended would probably only cause more trouble.

In any case, we eventually found a room containing bookshelves along the walls, Lady Elaydren, and Raidith. Elaydren’s eyes were glazed. Raidith said that he wanted us all to die, and began work to accomplish that goal. Again, he demonstrated a lack of subtlety; I had expected him to at least attempt to bribe us first, or perhaps do something to convince us to let down our guard. But no.

That was just as well. The fight that followed was quite confusing. Elaydren was under his control, and knocked out Tui with a color spray. Fortunately Alain and I managed to keep our eyes shut when she cast it. Raidith appears to have a fondness for traps; at some point, an object was thrown at the bookshelves, triggering blades there. Raidith is even friendlier than Klid.

While the others attacked Raidith, I tried, and failed, to prevent Elaydren from producing an obscuring mist, which complicated matters further. Raidith had some way of making himself very difficult to see. I attempted to cast sleep into the mist, but it had no effect. While I was completing the spell, Alain took a swing at me with his flail, and missed due to the mist. He was now under Raidith’s control as well, and proceeded to strike at Mike. Xame appears to have gained some new skills; he used a pair of scrolls of protection to temporarily remove Alain and Elaydren from Raidith’s control. He seems to have become a cleric, although as of yet I do not know of which deity. He still adamantly denies having been anything other than a commoner before.

While Xame was explaining the situation as quickly as he could to Elaydren, the warforged and the rest of us worked to corner Raidith. I had few spells remaining, and his magic made him very difficult to strike. Seeing that there was little chance of otherwise assisting, I attempted to charm him. I was astonished that I succeeded despite the fact that we had all been attacking him only a moment before. If it was he who removed my charm person spell from Klid, this was a most ironic development.

I was able to convince him to release his control of Alain and Elaydren, but not to let me have the circlet that enhanced his psionic abilities, or to come with us back to the House Cannith complex. We departed for a few minutes, to regroup and gather supplies. Upon reflection, this was a poor decision, since he had left by a secret exit by the time we returned. However, he left his now-depleted circlet behind. I suppose it would have been too distinctive.

Soon, Grayson and a number of others were removed from Raidith’s control, and, due to recent events, the treaty is sure to fail. Also, the Baron needs to find another new councilor. Perhaps the man who was passed over for Aveska will now be chosen.

House Cannith was quite grateful for our services, and rewarded each of us. I have received a dragonshard already attuned to me, which contains a number of interesting spells. I had certainly not expected such a reward as this, but it is not at all unwelcome.

I have become somewhat interested in the psionic arts as a result of this encounter with Raidth. Would you ask Uthen if he knows anything of interest?

I am sorry to hear that your progress is slow, but I am glad that you and Uthen are well. Give Verdana a morsel on my behalf. I wonder what she and Indigo will make of each other.

Your sister,


Player’s Notes:

I still wonder how they would attune the dragonshard to Antinua. The “it’s magic” explanation works, I suppose…

It really would have been amusing, I think, if Raidith had bothered to try to buy off the party first.

Adventure: Sheep’s Clothing
Session: 2006-10-30
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 1

Part II: Confrontation with Raidith

Visited Elaydren again. Her being in her position of power, she had to have something else I could use if she really wanted me to derail the treaty. Maybe an Invisibility Potion or something. She offered me something better–the key to the offices of all the councilors. Hell yeah! I did my best to give her my solemn promise to do what I can for defeating the treaty, without seeming too gleeful.

Returned to the House Cannith palace at night under the guise of being behind on work, and then snuck into the various councilor’s offices. Found some more details of the treaty in Jenna’s office, a magic ruby in Raidith’s, a magic wand in Grayson’s, and nothing of interest in Aveska’s. The latter two aren’t relevant to the treaty, so I hid them in my tavern room. Went back to the Broken Anvil to try to return the key and report nothing of interest, but Elaydren wasn’t there. Hm, strange. Would’a thought she’d be here waiting for me. Waited until dawn, and then decided if she can’t be bothered to be updated about the treaty, then I can take some time off too.

So I went and got the ruby identified. The wizard told me it’s a cognizance crystal with 7 charges, whatever that meant, but more importantly that it was worth 16,000 gp. Holy! I nearly had a rogue-asm. Even selling that on the black market should net me a good 8k! With that kind of money, Elaydren’s potential reward of 400 gp suddenly seemed a lot less significant. Maybe I shouldn’t be risking my neck against whoever want this treaty to pass.

Ran into Team Musclehead while I was wandering about thinking what I’d do with that much money. Apparently they couldn’t find Elaydren either, and it’s very unlike her to actually be late to work. Hm, this could be trouble. Most likely if someone decided she was too much of an annoyance and snuffed her, the same person would have gotten names of all her employees as well. Looks like I couldn’t detach myself from the situation just quite yet.

I thought about the situation some more, and realized that it could be a deeper battle of wits than I previously imagined. Perhaps Raidith is the actual villain, who realized that any smart investigator would suspect a smart villain to be Jenna. Or perhaps he’s just unsubtle. I might need to make a house call on him.

Found his home address after a little research, and arrived mid-afternoon. The whole mansion was creepy… covered with some death-like mist. There weren’t any obvious entrances other than the front door, so I tried that. Only to have a scythe take a small chunk out of my arm. Ah, damn. Looks like I overspent brain power on someone who’s just blatantly evil.

Well, his house damaged me, so I figured it’s only fair that I also damage his house: I smashed a window and entered through that. Determined not to be caught off guard a second time, I proceed through his house slowly, careful not to set off any other traps. I took long enough that the others also arrived on the scene. For once, I was actually glad to see Team Musclehead. Them being there means I’m less of a target.

We found the councilor on the second floor, and he unceremoniously attacked us. Elaydren, obviously currently controlled magically, started off by knocking Tui out cold with a charging palette of bright colors. Oops, one meat shield down. Raidith had a crown that allowed him to control the minds of others, and he used to control the other Musclehead, Alain. Alain, true to his violent form, started bashing at Mike, the feathered fellow.

Fortunately for them, I had purchased just the right set of tools before starting out. A scroll of protection from evil and another of protection from law later, Alain and Elaydren were back to their normal states, and Raidith was subdued with a Charm Person spell. Yet, due to sheer incompetence of my renewed companions, he managed to escape while I ran off to buy more scrolls. Ah, what were they thinking!?

Afterwards, there was a nice, lavish awards ceremony, and I was gifted a pair of boots of elvenkind. The others got some goodies too; they seemed pleased with what they got. But, my philosophy is that the smart always make a little extra on the side. I visited Elaydren afterwards, and gently reminded her that she and I had a separate deal for 400 gp + expenses, amounting to 425 gp. I further reminded her that as an “unofficial emissary,” I ran a substantially greater risk than the rest. She prudently agreed and paid me my due.

I then literally ran to the black market and tried to drop the ruby cognizance crystal I “found” in Raidith’s offices, fantasizing about my 8000 gp, only told be told that it was corrupt, and worthless. Groaning, I had to sell it to an unwitting gem merchant for a mere 150 gp. The wand acquired from Grayson’s office added another 375 gp to my purse.

Player’s Notes:

Xame’s keeping that key! I made specific note on my character sheet that the key was not returned. Granted, there probably won’t be too much of value worth finding in the future, but hey, you never know! Maybe a cognizance crystal that’s not corrupted next time? ^^