Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Sessions: 2006-12-02, 2007-01-05, 2007-01-14, 2007-01-27, 2007-02-03
Player: Michael Busch
PC: Mike
Status: Monk 4-6

Letter Posted to Viorr of the Dark Lanterns by Anethilzair Mykispar from the House Sivis Station at Vathirond:

We have failed in our attempt to capture Lucan Stellos, who has become a vampire. We encountered him and his sister in Trolanport (where she was captured and left in the custody of the Aundarian ambassador, Neya ir’Krell). Lucan at this point was compelled to reach Karrnath, and took passage on an airship. We boarded the same vessel and located him. Just outside Sterngate, the airship crashed and Lucan escaped and got on the lightning rail to Flamekeep. We followed him this far and were on the same train. Across the Thrane border, he abandoned the train. Anson tracked him to a ruined Dhakaani ziggurat.

We entered the ziggurat, and searched it. Lucan has established himself in the uppermost chamber inside the massif. When we entered it, he had surrounded himself by rats and decreed that he would serve only himself, “not the Dark Lanterns, not Vol, and not the soul blade.” Malik cleared the rats with dragonfire, and Antinua blasted Lucan into vapor, which seeped into a coffin.

It was then that I did something of which I am greatly ashamed. I fell to the confusion of the soul blade, which is indeed both powerfully magical and powerfully evil, and did nothing to help my companions as they tried to force open the coffin’s lid. When they did, Lucan sprang out, apparently well healed, and grappled the wizard. Over the next minute, he sucked the life out of her, leaving her body on the floor, and then did the same to Malik, in defiance of his breath, the attacks of elementals summoned by Anson, and Xame’s attempts to heal him of being a vampire.

By the time I came to my senses, both Malik and Antinua lay dead and Lucan looked stronger than when we had first entered the room. Xame and Anson had fled as fast as they were able. I managed to get away, although Lucan slammed me. So now Lucan Stellos sits in the ziggurat, free, and two of my companions are dead.

If the rest of us can find a way to destroy or capture Lucan, we will do so, but I do not know what that would be. If we cannot, I at least will return to Sharn. If you have instructions for us, we will be in this city for at least the next day.

Note: Antinua carried the letter of credit you issued us. I doubt it would do Lucan much good in his current state, but you should consider it void.

Mike’s thoughts as the party works its way back to the lightning rail line:
Dol Arrah, I must do penance for my weakness in the temple. I foreswear these offensive magics, which are both blessing and curse. I will carry what I carried on the Walk of Four Winds: no food, none of the luxuries of civilization, only that which is necessary. I reserve your symbol and a single sai.

I feel strength in me. Grant that I will not foresake this vow and your favor.

Player’s Notes
I assumed that the party will head back to the lightning rail line and work south, and that our finances are sufficient to send the message, and to eventually travel back to Sharn.

Mike has now taken Vow of Poverty, with all that it implies. In some cases, his AC may actually pass that of Xame: AC 23, touch 15, flat-footed 21, without things like cat’s grace, owl’s wisdom, and mage armor.

Lucan’s fast healing is not a fun thing to deal with: he goes into the coffin as mist and by the time we get the lid off he has healed enough to kill two PCs.


Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-12-02, 2007-01-05
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Antinua
Status: Wizard 4

Dear Kanathas:

I apologize for having failed to write. I have been rather busy, and may not write again for some time. Further, since this letter is posted from Zilargo, I cannot send it through our regular courier. I am not certain when I will return to Sharn.

Some weeks ago, Vior Malik contacted the group with whom I have been working. We seem to have gained something of a reputation. As I am certain you already know, this man is the leader of the Dark Lanterns, who play a role in Breland similar to that of the Royal Eyes.

He had the group of us perform demonstrate our abilities by capturing a large ape. This was easily accomplished, and he awarded us a task on behalf of the Dark Lanterns.

However, he required an oath from us that we would not disclose the nature of this mission. I will honor that oath unless some greater good demands otherwise. Rest assured that it does not threaten Aundair.

I can let you know that our group seems to be returning to its normal state. This is the state where Xame is having a disagreement with someone. Some young gnome attempted to pick Xame’s pocket. This is clearly a case of one “commoner” against another. Xame caught the gnome in a lasso, but Mike forced him to release the gnome. They immediately started to argue. During the argument, the gnome was able to take a few of Xame’s coins and depart. Xame was quite annoyed. I left to discuss matters of more importance with Malik before the argument became more heated.

When Uthen returns, could you ask him about a spell of which I have heard? It preserves the secrecy of written material by destroying it if read by the wrong person and discourages that person from continuing to pry.

Your sister,


Antinua’s Notes:

Received information from Vior Malik.

Lucan Stellos, skilled member of Dark Lanterns, tall blond human; has stolen the soulblade, demonstrated strong skills not previously observed, probably magic.

Stole soulblade, sword with ruby in pommel. Orignally belonged to Karrnathi warlord. Both strongly magic and strongly evil.

Sister, Grilsha, red hair; believed to be aiding Lucan, seen leaving Sharn through east gate.

Part of burned note found; mentioned Trolanport, “krell.” What is krell?

Mission to recover soulblade, Stellos, preferably alive.

Provided magebred horses. Excellent.

Valith concerned about cause, working for Dark Lanterns; turned down mission; Mike remained behind to attempt to convince; expect will catch up soon.

Anson enhanced horses, increased our speed. Mike may take time to catch up. Met, dealt with bandits. Heard rumors of man, woman and black coach. They are changing horses.

Caught black coach. Red-haired driver, probably Grilsha. Anson slowed coach with entangle. Very useful spell. Experienced demonstration of fireball. Would prefer not to do so again. Malik retaliated by burning the coach. In smoke and flame, woman vanished. See invisibility revealed nothing. Bat departed burning coach; caught by Anson’s air elemental; vanished by means unknown. Found coffin in coach. Vampire at all related to Raidith/Garrow? Peculiar. Must remember to research vampires at next opportunity.

Continued journey, assuming they would still be going east to Trolanport for purposes unknown.

Found pair of exhausted horses beside road; no additional indication of direction.

Reached Trolanport. No information regarding persons of given descriptions. Assumed reached Trolanport before them, waited by gate several days in hopes of catching. Assumption apparently incorrect.

Aided Xame in searching for information. Audairian ambassador in area, Naya ir’Krell. Krell? Masquerade ball planned in near future, less than a fortnight, involving people of importance. Expecting trouble. Still need to find way to gain admission other than bashing in door. Speak with ir’Krell?

Mike reached Trolanport. Apparently failed to convince Valith to rejoin group. Also had more trouble than we did on the road.

Many canals in Trolanport. Minor trouble with sahuagin.

How many pickpockets are there?

Player’s Notes

The secrecy bit prevents much of the “writing home” bit, since Antinua has no reason to break her oath. This means I had to come up with some other way to record the adventure. A set of notes on the goings-on is the best I could come up with. Presumably these are kept somewhere reasonably safe — such as tucked inside her spellbook. Considering their jotted-down nature, the handwriting is probably pretty terrible.

Meanwhile… yay, 3rd level spells! The small mention at the end of the letter refers to explosive runes, which, while she hasn’t bothered to study it yet, she will eventually, since that spell seems to have severe amusement value.

Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-12-02, 2007-01-05
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 3

Part I: An audition and a chase scene

Some time after the journey to Whitehearth, after I tapped into the second tier of the Traveler’s gifts, we gathered again at an inn. Actually, I wanted called us together to discuss the possibility of returning to Whitehearth to retrieve Tuiluilan’s body (plus some magic items). Didn’t get to talk about that though, because a House Orien courier arrived with a message for an offer of employment. We traveled to meet our prospective employer, who demanded a test of our abilities to capture—not kill. We subdued the dire ape he set on us with relative ease, and gained his acknowledgment of our abilities, which lead to an offer of 2500 gp each for the successful capture of Lucan Stellos plus a magic blade he had stolen. Lucan had a head start of about 8 hours over us, so we had to make haste.

Now, what does the Paladin Vailith do but decide to chicken out. And what’s more, he absconded with the party’s most expensive item, a ring of protection +2. One would think that someone who proclaims himself a servant of goodness would have the grace to return the item on loan to him from the party that he’s certainly not earned, but I’ve come to expect these sorts of behavior by now. If time wasn’t so tight for our new mission, I’d make sure to retrieve the ring from him… along with his finger on which it’s resting. Ah, more chores lined up for if I ever have any spare time between employment.

Big bird Mike also didn’t show up at the appointed gathering location; this was somewhat unexpected, since we had adventured for a while together and I came to expect better of him. Later, in Zilargo, we’d meet up with him again, where he told us he had been trying to convince Vailith to reconsider.

Oh, another digression. I’ve recently taken to using a queer device, the so-called lasso. G suggested it in my dreams. It’s an ingenious contraption that renders those snared by it with near helplessness, and requires no great physical exertion on my part. And the best part is that it’s cheap, a mere gold piece each.

The remaining four of us headed out on magebred horses provided by our employer, with me double-saddling with Anson. We made incredibly good time, thanks to a few druid spells, and quickly caught up with Lucan and his sister, fleeing on a carriage. The sister singed us somewhat with her arcane spells, but Anson was able to entangle their horses. After that, I’m not quite sure what happened, but my best guess is that they both turned invisible and fled on foot.

Looking inside the carriage though, we saw something… odd. A coffin, evidently recently used as a bed. This did not bode well. I remember bedtime horror stories from my childhood, where vampires feasted on the blood of mortals during the night. I had thought they were fiction, but then again, until recently, I had thought gods were fiction as well. I know not what powers or weaknesses they possess, but holy symbols seemed like a good bet. At the next town, I bought a holy symbol for each of my companions (Sovereign Host ones… G is not so petty as to prevent me from disguising my allegiances, and my companions aren’t really cut out to be recruited anyway).

We headed to the city of Trolanport, where we expected Lucan to be heading, and followed up on a clue.. “krell.” After asking around some, I found out that there was a diplomat with that name, who would be holding a masquerade ball in ten days. Since we continued on our frenzied pace, I suspected we arrived before Lucan, if Krell was his objective, so we attempted to lay an ambush for him. Three days of futile waiting made me revise my opinion of our relative arrival times. I suppose all that’s left for us to do is infiltrate the ball and ambush Lucan there.

Oh, another infuriating turn of events. Some gnome managed to pick from me. ME! He did not succeed on his first try, and I lassoed him as he tried to take off, but then Mike hit my hands and made me drop the lasso! He had no good explanation for why he did so, and as I quarreled with the thus-far relatively sane monk, the gnome managed to make off with some of my gold.

That’s where things stand now, as I actively try to converge on the little sucker who lifted from me. Rationally, I know this is quite silly, since the pecuniary loss is trivial, but I could never live it down if word were to spread. I wonder too about Mike. First, he shows up a week late, and then he acts irrationally and uncharacteristically. Another story of vampires describe them as able to dominate the wills of others as well as changing forms at will. Perhaps we have already been infiltrated? I will need to keep my distance from the birdman.

Player’s Notes:

Wait, disarming your party members is lawful how? Especially when Xame’s using a non-lethal weapon? Xame may “accidentally” toss the lasso over Mike next time, or perhaps mis-incant a cure moderate wounds spell into a inflict moderate wounds spell…

OK, probably not the latter. But the former is a definite possibility.

Viorr rummaged in the satchel hanging on his chair. “I represent an element of the King’s Citadel known as the Dark Lanterns,” he said. “We perform certain… intelligence-related… duties for King Boranel. We need adventurers of skill and action who can bring a rogue agent back to us—alive, if possible. If you’re willing to swear to keep secret what you’re about to hear, I’ll tell you more.”

“I’m sorry—I can’t take that oath.” As Valith uttered these words, the grizzled captain raised an eyebrow.

“Why would that be?”

“I can’t maintain secrecy if it would in any way help the cause of evil.”

A slight chuckle made its way past Viorr’s lips, although one could see that this comment had actually gained his respect. He clapped a bony hand on Valith’s armored shoulder: “Son, let me tell you something about evil. I’ve been fighting evil, in one guise or another, since before your father ever managed to get close enough to your mother to conceive you. Nobody takes evil more seriously than us, whether that evil comes in the guise of foreign spies, warforged terrorists, or even the corner wizard peering a bit too deeply into his scrying mirror. Throughout the Last War we kept greater evils away from Breland’s borders than any army was capable of taking on. Evil does not simply march at you in the battlefield, son—oh no, it’s much more insidious than that. And I can tell you that although you may think you were fighting the good fight during the War, the evil I am sending you after is a greater threat than anything you have faced so far.”

As his tirade ended, the guard captain backed down slightly. “So, do you understand the need for secrecy? Can you handle this responsibility?”

Valith, finding no residue of evil emanating from the man, nodded his consent. “Yes, sir.”

“Very good. Now… One of our best agents, Lucan Stellos, disappeared two days ago. Yesterday, a high-security vault we maintain here in Sharn was compromised, and a powerful magic sword was stolen…”

Adventure: Shadows of the Last War
Session: 2006-12-02
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Antinua
Status: Wizard 3

After securing those items, we prepared to depart with all possible haste, as there was no telling what mischief Failin was accomplishing, or that he had even waited for us. Additionally, the dire wolf agreed to depart with us, and wished to take her pack with her. While Xame and Mike hauled them up, Anson and I decided that were should speak with our driver, and assure him that we were still among the living.

However, we did not find Failin. Instead, we found a number of skeletons, a necromancer, a cleric, and a large number of guards wearing the emblem of the Emerald Claw. Although the vampire from before was nowhere to be seen by mundane means, it was he who spoke. In essence, he demanded the schema and threatened our lives. I insisted that most of our comrades had perished, and that we had failed to find the schema. The necromancer chose to examine us for magical auras; fortunately, Mike had the schemas and the disk, and so she found nothing.

Being of the opinion that continuing negotiations would not have positive results, I dashed back into Whitehearth. Anson did the same. The vampire responded by saying something much like, “Don’t bother, we have all the entrances guarded. They’ll have to come out eventually.” This was not reassuring.

We gathered our group together to plan a method of escape. Fighting our way out was clearly foolhardy. However, there was still some debate over methods. I had enough skill to make three persons invisible, and Xame indicated that he had means for traveling very quickly if need be. Anson suggested that we could simply leave through the opening that the fire elemental had used. I pointed out that the Emerald Claw claimed to have all entrances guarded, and Mike stated that they were unlikely to have missed seeing the fire elemental departing.

Our ultimate plan of action was this: first, Anson would employ his magic to lift him up through the ceiling in the heated chamber. He was rewarded for his efforts by an arrow in the side. Thus, we executed the rest of our plan. I created a mist before the entrance we had used, to obscure our movements. I then cast invisibility on myself, Mike and Anson. While we left both quickly and quietly, the wolves and their dire leader ran out into the mist. Xame, carrying one schema, dashed out, waving that schema aloft as a diversion. We hoped to be able to avoid detection, regroup, and leave the Mournland without further incident.

Xame, true to his character, dashed out as planned. He was either too far away to notice or too intent upon his own escape to help us when we ran into trouble.

Though the wolves held their own, the guards and skeletons they attacked killed a number of them. As for the rest of us, we would have managed our escape; however, we soon found Failin next to the land cart, unconscious. Furthermore, an invisible opponent who could see all of us attacked Mike, who was now carrying one schema and the disk. This attacker was the vampire we met before, and also apparently both Raidith and a changling. I cast a spell against Raidith which failed to stop him. Mike was severely injured, and so did what he could; that is, he threw the schema away from himself. The vampire/Raidith ran, took the schema, jumped onto a horse, and rode. Anson immediately mounted on a horse himself. Watching that druid ride would have been amusing, save for the circumstances.

In the meantime, a pair of men arrived to aid us. I had met neither before; however, it was clear from the actions of the first that he is a paladin. The other is affiliated with dragons, judging by his ability to breath fire. The paladin was able to lay his hands upon Failin and heal him, despite being in the Mournland. Failin willingly drove the cart away from the area, after Raidith.

I find it interesting that cure fails in the Mournland, while the skills of the paladin still function. Perhaps it is a more direct channeling of divine power than cure, and therefore can pierce through the effects of the Mournland.

The paladin introduced himself as Valith; the dragon-like one, as Malik. They had known Raidith as Garrow, and were tracking him down for other crimes.

Anson entangled Raidith, and Malik was able to finish him. We retrieved the schema, as well as a few magic items of interest, from his remains. I am puzzled, however, by the fact that he did not attempt to control any of us, as had been his favorite tactic in Sharn. He might have been able to escape had he done so. Perhaps losing his coronet reduced his abilities.

Why were Raidith and the Emerald Claw so interested in the schemas? The Lord of Blades’ interest is simple to see, but what is the connection between the Emerald Claw and a creation pattern? Perhaps they were looking to weaken House Cannith, but that again leaves the question of why. What do you think of all this?

By then, we had had enough of the Mournland, and left with all possible haste. Our driver was no less eager to leave than the rest of us. When we met Elaydren, she was pleased to have both schemas and the adamantine disk, and did pay us well for having found them. Thankfully, she also agreed to notify the families of Tui and Alain. We could not bring back Tui’s remains, and, due to the impediments to our departure from Whitehearth, could only take a few of Alain’s ashes.

That leaves another mystery, however; we did attempt to move Alain’s body, but needed to take off his armor to do so. When we did, we noticed that he bore a dragonmark of House Deneith. Clearly, he had used his abilities to shield Elaydren from the warforged when she originally gave us her instructions. I wonder why he did not mention his relation to that house. Then again, need I ask when I do much the same? He did not wish for us to know, and I will respect that.

I also wonder about this Malik. Apparently, he is from Argonnessen. He can breathe fire like a dragon and wield wands like a mage. He says he is searching for information about a Dragon Prophesy, and is very interested in dragonmarks.

Also, I must add that I did find a decent Audarian wine to use when I identified the few magic items that we recovered. I will probably use the Brelish wine next time. The Audarian vintage reminded me too strongly of home.

Please reassure Uthen that I have not been neglecting my studies. Let me know what is passing in Fairhaven, and take care.

Your sister,


Player’s Notes

That is one thing I’ve been wondering (now that I think about it) — why didn’t Raidith/Garrow/vampire/whatever use his psionic abilities to control one of the party? It would have definitely improved his chances of escaping. In fact, he could have just dominated Mike and had him hand over the schema without needing to fight him. Even if leaving behind the coronet removed his abilities, he couldn’t have needed that much effort to replace it. Hm… maybe this is another one of those “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” sorts of things.

Adventure: Shadows of the Last War
Sessions: 2006-11-11, 2006-11-19, 2006-11-26, 2006-12-02
Player: Michael Busch
PC: Mike
Status: Monk 3

Elaydren had told us that she would send messages to the gnome at a post office near our lodgings if she had need of us again. Every day we would go there, and there would be no work. Then came the predictable interference. That morning, the post office was ransacked and the gnome knocked out. We awakened her, and she told us that a half-dozen people had come, one large and several small. Tui was very interested in interrogating her, but it seemed more important to contact Elaydren. As we left the office, an owl dropped a letter at our feet. It was from Elaydren, and told us to met her at the Broken Anvil immediately.

At the tavern, Elaydren seemed harried. She introduced us to a man with a wolf, saying that he would accompany us to Rhukaan Draal and that we should leave immediately, as another party was trying to stop her. This party presented itself in the form of a warforged and eight kobolds. The kobolds were disposed of by Tui and Alain, while the warforged fell to a combination of the man with the wolf casting a freezing magic, Antinua cursing it with disabling laughter, and me kicking in the chestplate. I did not know warforged could laugh. It is a strange sound.

Elaydren gave us a haversack containing supplies and instructions, and ordered us to go, saying she would make her own way to Rhukaan Draal after us. As we went towards the lightning-rail, the man with the wolf introduced himself as Anson, a druid of House Orien. In the haversack was a writ of passage to Sterngate, where we would join a caravan across Marguul. We made it to Rhukaan Draal without major inconvenience.

There we were to meet a man named Failin, exiled from House Orien, to take us to the village of Rose Quarry and to then locate a House Cannith research station called Whitehearth, where Elaydren believed there was another schema. We found Failin in a place called the Bloody Market, which is bloody whenever someone feels they have been robbed. Failin possesses an elemental-powered landcart and an unhealthy obsession with coin, but he agreed to take us to Rose Quarry. There we found the village laid waste, covered in molten glass. There was also an encampment of soldiers of the Order of the Emerald Claw, who were apparently engaged in ransacking the ruins for treasure and bodies for their undead. I do not like undead, nor am I wild about getting stabbed by swords. Fortunately, Alain and Tui formed a wall of steel in the doorway of the ruined quarry headquarters and killed all zombies that came. Xame runs remarkably well at times: I doubt you or the stormtalons could catch him in a sprint, although they would win any distance race. Anson is rather militant for a druid: I saw him very persistently clubbing a prone Emerald Claw soldier to death. His wolf was also very violent, but that might be the result of having a mouth full of crushed glass.

We found the location of Whitehearth, but encountered a very ugly, vampire-like person as we left. We managed to run around him and made it back to the landcart, where we persuaded Failin to take us to our destination. It is inside the Mournland, to the east and south of where Mykispar once was.

You haven’t been to the Mournland? If you do go, either take a wizard who can make you extradimensional space, or bring gallons of goodberry wine. Paladins can heal there, and my masters could cause injured tissue to knit by sheer will, but normal healing does not work and the dead from the Last War litter the battlefield as if they had just fallen. Undead roam, and we were attacked twice before we reached Whitehearth, which was built into an old mine.

Elaydren had given us a key to the outer door. We left Failin behind in the cart, and entered. We soon found that the doors were all electrified, but Anson can pick up and move small objects without touching them. The mine is a warren, with individual chambers linked by a network of rotating key-coded spheres. It is filled by experimental magic, mangled by the Day of Mourning. Some is good and some bad. We found a wolf-pack whose leader had been awakened, and a stone wolf holding them hostage. Antinua found a prepared spell she calls rope trick, which let us heal Alain, who had been knocked out when the stone wolf fell. We had to fight our way through living spells to find the keys to the rest of the mine.

We eventually found where the schema was being stored, in a room at one end of the mine that was boiling hot, with fire elementals guarding it, but at a high price. There was a trap in one of the spheres, so that it opened into a well. Tui fell. I jumped after him, but by the time I reached the water at the bottom, he had drowned and sunk too far down to even recover the body.

In the hot room, Alain tried to hold off the elementals, but was smashed to the ground and set afire. By the time Antinua figured out how to open the roof and make the remaining elemental leave, he was all but reduced to ash, along with the haversack from Elaydren. Enough of his body was intact to reveal that he carried a dragonmark of House Deneith. We did recover the schema, as well as an apparent copy and a disk, which we now know is a creation pattern.

We four survivors managed to get the wolves out of lower levels of the mine, only to find that the soldiers of the Emerald Claw had encamped outside. We conceived of a plan, whereby Antinua would make herself, Anson, and me invisible and we would sneak out, while Xame ran, carrying one copy of the schema. We would meet at a fixed point away from the mine, so that I could guide them out of the Mournland if Failin was dead (none of them can remember which way is north). The wolves would attack the soldiers.

This plan broke to pieces when I found Failin slumped by his landcart. I was then swept off my invisible feet by a whip, to find the vampire-like commander, who could apparently see me and demanded the schema, before rippling into the form of Raidith and saying that he recognized me. I started attacking him, but eventually had to throw the schema away to avoid my own death.

We probably would not have survived, although most of the Emerald Claw soldiers were dead, except that two others arrived. One was a paladin by his armor, the other sprayed fire on the surviving Emerald Claw before getting on a liberated horse and chasing the changeling, who he apparently knew as Garrow. Anson, whose wolf had gone with the pack, had also grabbed a horse. The paladin awakened our driver, and we followed.

Garrow, who may or may not have been Raidith, died in fire. We took the schema, and our new acquaintances, the paladin Valith and the dragon-born Malik, accompanied us back to Rhukaan Draal. There we met Elaydren, who had us accompany her back to Sharn.

Now you know who I am and what I have done. I hope our fellows in Xen’drik find some amusement from the tale. And should I reach the flocks of Xen’drik, when I have fulfilled The Walk, I will stay and speak more with our people. But I feel that enlightenment is to be found in other races, so I shall stay with my companions for the while. Farewell.

* * *

From the top of one of the five spires around the central dome of Dalannan Tower in Upper Menthis, two winged forms jumped. One flew with towards the air galleon port with powerful wingbeats, although a keen eye could see the flickering of the air as the skypledged twisted the wind to her bidding. The other glided silently, slight wing movements turning his course towards the House Cannith enclave.

Player’s Notes:

I’m not sure if two out of six PCs dying in a 3rd level adventure is the right number, but we certainly don’t have the option of resurrection at this level. Fortunately, Dan Thai and Scott Wilbur had some good characters as back-ups. I’m still not sure what this fire-breather Scott developed is.