Adventure: Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Sessions: 2007-02-18, 2007-03-04, 2007-03-14, 2007-04-01
Player: Michael Busch
PC: Mike
Status: Monk 7-9

The stormtalon landed lightly on the edge of the ledge in front of the rookery, back from a patrol of his flock’s section of the river. The evening debate was to begin, and there came the ritual request for new stories. The stormtalon spoke and, as he did, the flock burst into laughter, which stopped after a while.

On the river, I saw a river-boat propelled by an elemental. I think the captain is the same one who tried to run a con on us five years back, although the vessel is now trailing an airskiff. Normally, I’d have given it a wide bearth, but night had fallen and the fair-haired human on watch was talking to himself in Tuilvilanuue, incredibly well for one with such a throat. So I answered, softly, and we spoke without disturbing the rest of the people on the boat.

He calls himself Anethilzair Mykispar. I hear by your laughter that you remember the name: he was the orc who visited the Rifinti a couple of weeks ago, and showed himself to be a reincarnation of a wing-clawed from the monasteries that used to be in Cyre. It seems that the gods have ordained that he die another time, and have made him a human in this life. I’m not sure which of his last two bodies is worse, but I wonder what he will be if and when he passes this way again.

He and his companions pursued forces of the Emerald Claw to the Giant Temple in the south. It seems that the Emerald Claw has allied itself with the Lord of Blades, and they pursue relics of power here, not being content with the havoc they have wrought in Khorvaire.

Anethilzair and his companions were defeated, by poison and betrayal, and forced to return to Stormreach to re-supply and re-group. He warned me that the Emerald Claw force was not completely destroyed, and that he suspected some ancient predecessor to the warforged lay dormant in the temple. We should avoid it still, even though the Drow that lived there are all dead.

There are changes in the world outside our jungle. We will hopefully be passed by, but the last of the Mykispar monks has asked that we do one thing. If any leave the temple before he returns, and we can make it to Stormreach before they would and without hazard, he asks for a message.

* * *

Player’s Notes:

Raptorans have keen ears, and with the party so diminished, this device seems reasonable.

Domenic has given us several options for what to do next in the campaign, not all of which involve Mike returning to the temple, but he would vote very strongly for doing so. I personally do want to know exactly who was on the throne (I suspect changeling, but we killed and burned Garrow once already, and would an undead changeling be able to change form?)


Adventure: Interlude
Session: 2007-02-18
Player: Rachel Reddick
PC: Taris
Status: Ninja 1/Swashbuckler 3/Ninja +2

Yesterday was relatively boring, until Eldon got back from another “Hey, I’m a warforged, too” meeting. Where he learned that his next task was to guard a runner as he transported something, then scatter (with the rest of the hidden guards) while the runner made his “sacrifice.” Right.

Well, we went and told Viorr Maelek immediately. He wasn’t so pleased about this, and said that he’d heard about similar things going on. Our job? Catch the runner, preferably just before he gets to his destination, so we stop him and figure out what’s going on.

So, midnight sharp, Eldon was warforged and the rest of us were hanging about the House of Hazal. And out comes an undead warforged carrying a glowing blue orb. I think it made noise, too, but I couldn’t be sure. Well, the plan went as planned for about ten seconds. Then Mike (who had apparently missed the “let’s see where he goes first” part) caught up to the runner and made himself noticeable. At that point, he started getting into trouble and Eldon sent out enough rays at enough warforged (we started seeing the other guards) to have other warforged call him traitor. The rest of us started getting mixed up in this, too. I had some trouble with a great-axe wielding warforged. I managed to avoid his blows, but it took a while to take him out of action because he’d protected all his vulnerable points! Very frustrating. Xame at least distracted him with some sort of magic flying weapon and with his own small rapier. I think Xame needs to learn about skewering rather than poking.

After that, we caught up with the rest of the group, and helped deal with another warforged. There had been a couple of other warforged, and a couple of skeletons; the former ran for it and the latter were destroyed. Eldon’s rays are quite effective. The undead one had been killed, and Anson had some air elemental holding on to the orb thing. Or so he explained after returning to human form from being some sort of two-legged reptile I’d never seen before. When he called down the elemental, we had Eldon hold on to the orb. He said something about it probably being command-word activated. And being careful with it. Mike missed most of the fighting; he was in pretty bad shape before Xame tapped him. Mike seems to have extremely bad luck.

Xame picked up the two great-axes; he said something about them being magical. Nice. I wouldn’t want to use one, but they are worth something. I wonder if anybody other than me saw him pick up the first one. Anson, maybe. Hm.

So, there we were, the five of us, feeling pretty proud of ourselves, strolling leisurely back towards Maelek’s greenhouse, carrying a seriously dangerous magic object and thinking that we had just averted a serious problem.

That soon had to be corrected to a small part of a very serious problem. Apparently, there were more runners. A lot more. And most of them reached their destinations, where they activated the orbs and… there were a lot of loud, screeching explosions. (The next few sentences don’t translate well. The first line or so is insulting the parentage of the Lord of Blades, but is scratched out. The next three lines insult the intelligence and parentage of the person responsible for creating the Lord of Blades. After that, a long sentence details the stupidity of the Lord of Blades and all of his followers.) I suppose he’s not that dumb, if he carried this all out. Well, he’s still stupid enough to be crazy.

It took a while to get back. There was chaos in the streets — warforged and the Watch — people fighting everywhere, looting… Xame didn’t seem to think that looting was such bad thing. He didn’t seem to get the difference between spoils from a defeated enemy and the possessions of an innocent victim.

We did make it, however, and Maelek’s area was fairly intact. Ironic indeed; we had apparently stopped the orb intended for him, and then brought it right to him! Perhaps the Dark Lanturns will be able to learn something from it. He told us about what had happened; that not all the orbs had been stopped was obvious. He’s imposing martial law, to maintain some sort of order. I don’t like this martial law business… they’d better not take it too far… but I’m not sure what else there is to do. Now, I’m getting at few hours of sleep.


Due to martial law, Xame was granted access to Elaydren’s remains. Even got her to speak, which was quite disturbing. The answers weren’t very clear, but it sounds like the Emerald Claw were after the last schema, which was part of a creation pattern to… something. Who knows.

We spoke only once more to Maelek, who told us that House Cannith had been secretly creating warforged. Well, that’s not wrong in and of itself, but their motives are suspect. Then there’s the Treaty of Thronehold to consider. House Cannith is in deep trouble. I wonder if the Lord of Blades is hoping to do something similar. Probably. Or is he already?

In any case, House Cannith also had an underwater ship, which Maelek is commandeering for us to go to Xen’drik to track down the Emerald Claw, since there isn’t really any much more help we can give here. It sounds like they’re after the last schema, in some ruins in Xen’drik. I wonder what you can build when you have all the pieces. If it lets them do anything like last night we’d better find it first, or else… we’d better find it first.


We had some trouble on the ship, the Sea Dart. We ran into a net while going through the Dragon’s Teeth… and had to slice open a huge shark to keep it from eating the gnomes while they cut us free. Waterbreathing is a strange experience, as is swimming like you were made for it. Useful magic, though. Eldon disabled the shark by magicking its brain to new levels of stupidity. A good thing, too, or Anson would have been its meal.

While we were onshore to make repairs, Xame made a meal of the shark. Soup. It was… decent, I suppose. I guess I don’t like shark so much. Well, I went up top, and only had a few minutes to think before a bunch of sahuagin came out and started attacking everybody else. They must’ve been the ones who set up the net. This time, Xame missed all the fun.

Well, we should get to Stormreach in a couple of days.

Player’s Notes

Were we able to tell how large the net was? That is, was it high enough to catch sailing vessels, or what is clearly intended only for undersea ships? Could we tell? If the latter… either there are lots of undersea vessels to be pirated, or the sahuagin had some advance information, somehow… Or would somebody have had to have thought of this all at the time? Drat.

That… and we should definitely come up with a “potion chugging” feat. I don’t know if anybody would ever use it, but it would be hilarious. Drink up to your dex mod in potions/round? Hm… and possibly some consequence for drinking too many…