Adventure: Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Sessions: 2007-03-04, 2007-03-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 3

The mole reveals himself

Oh, forgot to mention earlier, since I didn’t think he would be of much consequence, but in retrospect it’s all so obvious. While nosing around in Stormreach trying to find information on the Lord of Blade’s task force, I had encountered this rather bookish warforged. He did not so bad, and was able to provide me with some pittance of information. Then, he asked to come along with the party. I warned him we were headed into the deep belly of the jungles, and that it would probably not be safe, but he insisted on witnessing the undead dragonmarked warforged himself.

He seemed to be a crafter of some sort: he had numerous wands, some of which mimicked effects of Eldon’s arcane powers. For the time, though, he seemed especially clumsy, since he did not manage to hit any of our foes with the magical energies stored within. I attributed this once more to the fact that librarians should stay in cities, and leave the adventuring up to us.

As we continued to explore the ancient temple, easily dispatching everything in our way thanks in part to the Gray Render zombie, we came upon a locked door. Rather than having the zombie bash it down as usual, Mike and Eldon decided to try to listen at it—and was rewarded for their efforts with the usual blasting trap. Inside appeared to be a storeroom of supplies; alas, they were mostly food supplies, and had nothing of magical value. I just “raid the pantry,” so to speak, and cooked us up a savory feast. Mike refused to partake, but the others quite liked it.

The next day, Atronarch (the warforged I wrote of earlier) joined us once more (he had been waiting on the ferry, at my suggestion), claiming to have been bored. We accepted that; the day is much longer and drier when one does not need to sleep. And thus we continued venturing into the upper-most floor of the temple.

A stout woman was there, studying the runes. She claimed to be from Morgrave University, and had been forced on this expedition. She was in the middle of explaining when she suddenly turned and bolted. A good number of zombies and warforged arrived from a side passage. Mike took it upon himself to go after the woman, while I incanted a spiritual weapon to distract our opponents. Eldon directed our zombie (who was currently disguised as an ogre) to meet the oncoming waves of troops.

Before we could act any further though, a wall of electricity then enshrouded us, and while I was able to time to sparks so as to be able to dodge out of the way, my companions did not seem as agile. Immediately following this, an undead four-armed humanoid leapt over the wall, beside Taris and Anson. I had seen Eldon zap undead enough times to trust him to it, so I pushed myself through the energy wall (it was like one of those trick mirrors, where you can only see through on one side) and then tried to demolish the enemy zombies by channeling divine power. It was less effective than I’d hoped, only some third of the zombies were destroyed.

I looked back to check on my companions, to see that Taris had been paralyzed by the thri-keen, and just in time to see a couple arrows strike Eldon into unconsciousness. The projectiles did not strike particularly vulnerable areas, so I could onlly assume poison. Anson, in the mean time, had vaporized the remaining zombies with a flame strike, and was starting to summon a team of Earth Elementals.

At that moment, a powerful wave of energy missiles hit Anson, Taris, and Eldon, instantly killing the latter two… or would have, except for me. However, I had only one delay death spell prepared—no brainer, Taris is much more friendly to me than Eldon (ironically enough, this choice nearly caused my own demise a little while later).

Atronarch grabbed out his wand of scorching ray and… wait, WHAT? fired it at Anson. He followed up with a battle cry, “For the Lord of Blades!” The druid was barely able to dodge one of the two rays, but the other struck true, and singed his entire right half. Suddenly, everything made sense. The whole bit about repeatedly missing was a sham; Atronarch would have preferred that the trolls and other random encounters did us in, but was smart enough to put on the semblance of trying to attack so that we wouldn’t get suspicious.

A sense of anger filled me, and I powered up my only offensive spell, the light of Venya, and took aim at the traitor/spy. The first bolt struck true, and he seemed de-animated, but I did not wish to risk his treacheries a second time, and fired the second at him to ensure his destruction.

The leader of the enemy pack, identifying himself as Falchion, who had been remade from the remains of Sabre (from the Sewers of Sharn), charged me, breaking several of the chains on my mithral shirt to accompany the pain. I quaffed my potion of invisibility and disappeared from his sight, then ran to the body of Taris (whose body had continued to decay due to an area effect acid arrow). After quickly incanting a protection from energy (acid) on her, I yelled to Anson to help out with healing, and began to chain-cast cure spells.

Mike and Isabelle (Anson’s pet eagle), in the mean time, finished up Falchion, while the Gray Render plowed through the rest of the attackers… but then it struck me that since Eldon was no longer here to direct it, the Gray Render is probably not considering us to be its friends anymore, and is just blinding lashing out at all living creatures. I quickly warned the others, and Anson followed up by summoning wolves to keep its attention away from us.

In the end, we managed to kill the entire attack force with the loss of Eldon, but events had been set in motion. The central column had risen into the sky, with presumably the female directing it. While the last schema is certainly powerful, it wasn’t worth suicidally rushing in for. The four of us high-tailed it back to Stormreach, where I planned to recruit another mage before returning.

On the way, I starting itemizing and identifying all the items from Eldon, Atronarch, and the other warforged, I ran across this scroll in Eldon’s haversack: It registered as magical, and I started reading it. I got about two words in before the thing exploded in my face. ^%$*&#(& Zarking Eldon, booby-trapping his stuff. I swore some more and stormed up into the cargo holds, intent on tossing my former compatriot’s body overboard, but then Taris stopped me, reasoning that he probably didn’t intend for it to be used against me. I calmed down somewhat, and we returned to Stormreach without further trouble.

After selling all the goods that we decided not to keep, G contacted me. This was unusual, because I usually contact G, and not the other way around. Anyway, he told me that I should head to Jorasco headquarters in Korth immediately, and that this was important. I didn’t argue—you just don’t, not against G. So I told Anson and Taris and Mike my circumstances, and bid them farewell.

I wonder if I’ll ever see them again.

Player’s Notes:

I decided before the start of this adventure that Xame would be “retiring” after this session. Mostly because I want to play a slightly different character. With the dragonmark implications written up from before, this was a perfect excuse for him to leave the party on friendly terms in a reasonable way.

In retrospect, everything regarding Atronarch really fits well together from the Xame’s perspective. In reality, of course, Bob just fumbled nearly every attack roll up until the end. But still, the interpretive way makes for a better story.

Oh, another way to get rid of excess wealth: since Xame was presumably systematically categorizing all the looted goods, some were probably destroyed by the Explosive runes. I really would like not to have Xame “sneak off with the bulk of the goods,” because I’d like Xame to be on good terms with the remaining party members, in case I play him again in this campaign.


Adventure: Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Sessions: 2007-03-04, 2007-03-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

Race for the ruins

The next morning, we started by asking around the piers for a ferry to go south on the river with. A woman approached us that claimed that she foresaw our coming in the Draconic Prophecy, and asked to join us. I was a bit ambivalent and suspicious, but she put up 4000 gp for our ferry passage on an elemental-powered ferry, so we were content to have her along.

The voyage was five days along, and, again, we were attacked because we did not walk. I suppose walking would have taken too long, but given past experience, seemed safer. In any case, we were attacked by three trolls on the third day, which resulted in Mike dying and getting another new body. A human one this time. He wanted to know what he looked like, and the river was pretty murky, so I handed him a mirror. He seemed substantially more pleased with his looks, though a bit disappointed in his new lack of brute strength.

We reached the “Giant’s Left Hand,” as described in the intelligence from Viorr, and saw an airship with two guards inside. Not wanting to fight a full army, we decided to dispatch the two silently so they can’t raise alarm. The silence spell was good for that–in between the skewerings by Taris and the fist smashes by Mike, the situation was quickly resolved. We bound and interrogated them, to find that the main Emerald Claw force had arrived about a full day earlier, and were mostly inside the ruins.

We immediately set off exploring, and immediately ran afoul of some drow who lived there. They ordered us to leave, and despite Mike’s attempts to parley, fighting quickly ensued. It may be worthy to note that Mike was not anywhere close to death in this battle–a rare occurence indeed, considering our enemies had spell resistance.

As we were collecting the magical items after the battle, Eldon insisted on carrying them (apparently the others’ vouching still did not allay his doubts of me completely). Just as well; he also has a handy haversack, so everything is collected in one place. Should he fall like so many of my previous campanions, I’ll know what to grab before running.

We wandered up one of the two massive sets of stairs, and engaged a group of undead warforged stationed there. They were quite high up, and try as I could, I didn’t manage to climb even one of the three giant steps (each 10 feet high), despite expeditious retreat and a grapple-firing crossbow. Will need to remember to buy ladders next time I’m in town.

The others took care of the situation pretty well though, so I just did healing duty at the end. During the night, we were visiting by a pair of snake-men, calling themselves yuan-ti. They asked if we were seeking the same artifact they were, and upon further discussion, it was revealed that our goals actually differed–they wanted a Giant’s Tooth, while we sought the metal schema. Thus, we agreed to a trade, should one group find the other’s.

We explored the rest of the floor the next morning, after placating some dire apes. No sight of the schema, though we did find the Giant’s Tooth after a summoned Earth Elemental died opening the door to the room containing it. The tooth showed strong magical auras, and we began to debate whether it’d actually be a good idea to give such a powerful magic item to the yuan-ti. Especially if they don’t have the schema.

Oh, and Eldon managed to gain control of a large zombie that was initially attacking us. Quite a nifty little trick; wish I had thought of doing something to that effect first. The mindless pet was quite good at setting off traps and opening massive doors for us.

Back to the ground floor, we encountered a Gargantuan Scorpion, and Mike lived up to the expectation of him lying on the ground bleeding profusely. Though not to the extent of needing a new body this time. After defeating it, Taris noted an interest in the stinger in making poisons. Since it was quite large and she didn’t want to do the poison extraction here, I stuck the thing in my pack. This should count for the other part of my favor returned to her. (I also argued for her to have the most expensive item the party collected, a cloak of displacement.)

Player’s Notes:

Hm, depending on whether Bob actually joins us for more adventures, I may edit this and the previous post to reflect Xame’s interactions with Atronarch.

Number of times Mike has been brought below 0 HP so far: 5
Number of times Mike has been brought below -10 HP so far: 2

Adventures: Interlude, Grasp of the Emerald Claw
Session: 2007-02-10
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

An Itching in my Back

Recently my back has started to itch. I’m not sure why–I tried scratching it and magical means of getting rid of it, but nothing seemed to work right away. It’s not a big deal; I grew accustomed to it after a week or so. But I did want to make sure it wasn’t some type of necrotic cyst or anything, so I consulted G about it. He was a bit more cryptic than usual, only saying that I should try to acquire myself a headband of intellect at earliest convenience. Strange, since I rely more on understandings of psychological natures rather than bookish learning. But, he’s never led me astray before, so I continue to trust in him completely.

This, of course, leads to the other problem–I was about 4k short of buying that 4k item. The party was still in Sharn, nominally trying to stop some warforged uprising, but mostly being useless. The Lord of Blades threw down a gauntlet, challenging us to meet him in Xen’drik, and I felt we should have left immediately, but the others thought it would be better to acquire a fast mode of transportation from Viorr, who assigned us the task of impeding the warforged dissidents. Eldon managed to use a magical disguise to infiltrate the terrorist organization, and after a bloody show of “loyalty” by destroying a healing potion factory, managed to be promoted to guard for a “runner.”

The five of us hatched out a quick plan–assuming the runner’s package was a magic item that required some activation word, a silence spell would protect us. We could follow the runner to where he would use it (to learn his motives) before disabling him. Thus, we assembled where the runner emerged, intent on following him, but were surprised to find his label surprisingly apt–he (an undead warforged) ran, at top speed. Mike, the bird-man turned orc, either forgot our plan or wasn’t really listening in the first place, because he charged our quarry. Only to be intercepted by a warforged barbarian wielding a greataxe. Eldon decided the plan was shot, and thus so should be the runner.

Two other greataxe-wielding warforged emerged from the shadows, as well as some acid-branded arrows. Taris and I managed to down one down between the two of us (I actually contributed! Only indirectly though, via a spiritual weapon), and I quickly hid away the magical greataxe, whispering to Taris not to tell the others. We then heard an orcish grunt of pain, and ran to found Mike bleeding profusely on the ground once again. I patched him up, while the others took care of the remaining opponents, and then I stuck the other two magical greataxes in my haversack.

We reported back to Viorr, who finally granted me access to Elaydren’s corpse. I asked her a few questions on the intents of the Emerald Claw and the Lord of Blades, and learned that the fourth and final schema was to be found in the ruins of Xen’drik. She wasn’t very clear what would happen should our foes collect all four, but it seemed like something best not to find out through direct experimentation.

We then headed to Stormreach, on the northern tip of Xen’drik, by an elemental-powered submarine. Unsurprisingly, we were ambushed. Walking seems to be the safest method of passage. Can’t seem to enable myself to walk on water for long distances yet though. Where was I? Oh yes, the ambush. It was a rather large dire shark, that managed to shallow Anson whole. He was quite in trouble, but Eldon managed to zap it with a ray of stupidity, after a few seconds of dawdling.

The rest of the voyage was rather uneventful, and I was able to try out a few new recipes with shark steaks. I reached Stormreach, and immediately I headed out on the town alone, under the claim of asking around for the whereabout of the Emerald Claw. In truth, I took a not-so-short break to get chummy with one of the local magical arms dealers, and sold the three +1 greataxes at decently above the going rate for second-hand goods. That enabled me to buy the +2 headband of intellect (also at a discount). I then got back to business and found that the undead warforged expedition was headed south on the river.

Convening back at the inn, the others asked for their share of the proceeds from the greataxe sales, and I glibly told them that being new to this land and with no contacts, I was quite ripped off, and only received 1000 gp for the 2 greataxes (that most of them knew about). Eldon seemed a bit suspicious, but Taris and Anson both put in a word for me, so he let the matter drop.

That night, I snuck into Taris’s room, only have her pounce on me as soon as I walked in. Wow, this human woman really likes to play rough! She realized it was me, and released me, curious and somewhat annoyed why I was there in the dead of the night. I gave her an extra 300 gp, and confessed to her I had to buy something to please my patron. I promised her to return the favor in some way or other. She seemed to accept this arrangement.

Player’s Notes:

Out of character, I had just realized that I’m several skill points short of getting Heir of Siberys at level 13. Much as I hate to cheat other players out of their fair share of loot, Xame needed the item, and he wouldn’t have moral qualms about a little fib.

And incidentally, doesn’t Taris have terrible Listen and Spot checks? In that case, I probably would have just left the money under her pillow, with a note scrawled “Thanks for last night,” written by my left hand so she wouldn’t know it was me.

Number of times Mike has been brought below 0 HP so far: 3
Number of times Mike has been brought below -10 HP so far: 1

Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

In a conversation with Taris:

My childhood? Bah, who remembers such trivial details? I fed myself as best I could, and managed to do so well enough to do so well enough to live till now. Been locked up a couple times for petty crimes, and once or twice the diseases from the filth of the jail came awfully close to doing me in. If it’s contacts you’re looking for, I know a couple people in Sharn where you can drop off and pick up second-hand goods, but that’s about it. Also know a couple people in some places–Trolanport, Rhukan Draal, so forth. People I met along the way.

My family? Oh, that’s right. I suppose I must have had a father and mother, at least. Don’t remember much of them. Fat lot of good they did in providing for me. They’re not native to Sharn, for sure, I knew the streets better than they did even back then. Abandoned me back when I was five. Came home one day after playing with the locals, and they were just gone, along with every last possession of theirs. Guess their pasts were catching up with them.

Nah, never really gave much thought to investigating them or my ancestry, though I suppose it wouldn’t be so hard now. Like I said before, I really kinda view G as my foster parent nowadays. I doubt meeting my birth folks would be rewarding in any way or form, and most likely they’d eye some of my new-found wealth with avarice. Don’t really hate them or anything either, so not motivated to go try the clutch of Orcus spell on them.

One thing about them does kind of rouse my curiosity though. At the time, I thought they were tattooes, but now I’m pretty sure my folks had dragonmarks or some sort or other. Don’t ask me which mark, I was five then! How the Hell would I remember? In fact, they might actually be tattooes that intentionally look kinda like dragonmarks. I haven’t developed one yet, at least.

Say, why are you so interested anyway? I doubt we’re cousins or anything..

Adventure: Interlude
Session: 2007-02-10
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 2

A brief return to the Mournland

The remaining three of us (Mike, Anson, and I) were all very relieved that Lucan did not give chase to us, though poor Mike did not fare as well against Lucan’s vampiric abilities. Anson had also been reduced to a walking speed bump by the poison from centipedes, but I was able to take care of that shortly. We returned to the lightning rail coach, and another coach arrived shortly after. The engineers of the second coach decided to help get ours running again, and in a day or so we were traveling once more.

We met two of interest–both humans: one swashbuckler named Taris and the other a warmage named Eldon. We bemoaned our failed missions, and they mentioned that they wished to enter the Mournland to investigate the Lord of Blades. Our accounts of the undead dragonmarked warforged particularly interested them, and since the three of us had no particular immediate goals, we accompanied them into the Mournland.

Oh, my haggling skills have definitely improved. Was able to get a good 30% more than I should have selling “second-hand armors.” That gave me enough funding to finally buy another handy haversack (the first of which was destroyed with Alain). That should be the end of my encumbrance problems–I promptly bought myself, among other things, 500 feet of rope, 3 ten-foot poles, 20 portions of trail rations, and 20 more lassos.

Soon after we headed into the Mournland, we were attacked by a group of three wispy wraith-like beings. I was still amusing myself with my new backpack, and was consequently a bit slow to react. Imagine my surprise when I looked up and found that all four of my companions had fled! What a disgrace! I should never be the last to flee. Yet, since the mourners seemed completely incompetent in penetrating my mithral armor and shield, I decided to stand and give them a nice big dose of light of Venya. It destroyed one of them, and harmed the other enough for it to flee, and Eldon finished the last with a hail of stone.

I noticed a curious fact about Taris. She apparently has the ability to turn herself invisible for short periods of time. Of course, she at first adamantly denied having the ability as any street-wise commoner with such abilities would, but after a good show of grace by restoring her wisdom, I was told that she is also by profession and family a ninja. Ah, most excellent, I now finally have someone to do covert missions with.

We traveled to Eldon’s home town, which was of course utterly destroyed, and in the night we were attacked by a living ice storm spell. We decided to head back to town afterwards, since we had exhausted our supply of rope tricks, and healing otherwise does not work well. We were assaulted once more though, by a gelatinous bear-like creature. It tore Mike to shreds before the rest of us managed to defeat it. Fortunately, Anson had a certain spell prepared, and Mike’s spirit now inhabits the body of a rather ugly orc. He does not seem to mind his new form too much, though he does worry about what his raptoran peers would say to him.

Back at the town we departed from, we received a message from Viorr saying that he had another job for us, and told us to head immediately back to Sharn.

Player’s Notes:

Oh dear. I’m the last surviving member of the original Forgotten Forge adventure. Well, not in spirit, but in body. Is there a “Curse of the Golden Sabre” (I think that was the name of the warforged we killed there?) going around? And in other news, Divine Oracle is actually quite useful, as I now not only have evasion, but am also the only party source of identify.

Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-01-05, 2007-01-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4 / Divine Oracle 1

Part III: A most redoubtable opponent

Well, we were ambushed twice more in quick succession, once by human soldiers aboard the airship, and once by halfling barbarians led by an undead dragonmarked warforged on the lightning rail (yeah, sounds crazy, but not kidding). I won’t belabor these sequences of events too much, but to say that the dragonborn is quite a useful asset. Which makes the next part particularly… unfortunate.

After the lightning rail incident, Lucan absconded and fortified himself in a ziggurat in the middle of a lake. We made ourselves a ferry and were able to enter without much hassle, and proceeded to search for him. One encounter with an undead greataxe-wielding minotaur was particularly unpleasant, because I happened to be the one hurt by him. Must invest in more physical protection at next opportunity. After expending much of our magical energies, we managed to find Lucan in the top floor. He started off by slamming me and stealing some of my life force. Antinua managed to hit him with two bolts of Lights of Venya, and once again he turned into gas. This time, however, he had a new trick–he emitted a low moan that, while ineffective on me, caused Malik and Mike to act very erratically. The rest of us tried to pry open the stone coffin he seeped into, but alas, but the time we opened the casket, he was already healed and struck out again, this time capturing Antinua in a deadly embrace. I tried to mitigate the damage he was inflicting on the elf, but it was soon apparent to me that the battle was lost. I shouted for everyone to retreat and regroup, but alas, no one listened.

When Lucan finished with Antinua, he turned to Malik, and a much similar grisly scene occurred. Anson attempted to distract the vampire with his summons, but they were ineffective. Finally, when he finished Malik as well, Mike and Anson did realize the truth of my urgings and retreated with me. We were able to put some distance between us and Lucan quickly, but still a bit horrified by the turn of events. In particular, I learned through research that victims of vampires often become vampires themselves. Which means the next meeting with Malik and Antinua will most likely not be a friendly one.

Player’s Notes:

Gained Divine Fortune as level 6 feat, which means Xame is pretty close to impervious to effects allowing saves–I calculated that Xame had between 90% and 98% chance of being unaffected by the two negative levels Lucan inflicted, depending on the exact DC.

I’ve been thinking this all along, but I’m not sure how we were possibly to defeat a modified vampire that didn’t have the typical 2 hour downtime when he gets nuked to negative hitpoints. Especially with the constant confusion effect…

Adventure: Whispers of the Vampire’s Blade
Session: 2006-01-07, 2007-01-14
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1 / Cleric 4

Part II: A possible alternative profession

Didn’t manage to get my hands on the gnome, and time to the masquerade was running short, so I had to let it drop. The ball was clearly by invitation only, and just as clearly, we didn’t have invitations. So I tried to get my hands on some archetectural plans of the venue from my newfound Zilargo underworld connections. Alas, none of my contacts had them, claiming that the security was so tight that theft wasn’t worth the risk there.

My companions, in the mean time, suggested smooth-talking our way past the guards. That required fancy (and rather expensive) costumes, and I never understood the point of spending more than 20gp on a set of clothing unless it offered other benefits than just covering body parts. I managed to ask around and get myself a set of kitchen servant uniform for the embassy, and infiltrated the place with hardly any trouble.

It was there, working with the rest of the kitchen staff, where I discovered another talent of mine—I may not be able to use a knife worth a damn against anyone living, but I am quite good at slicing inanimate objects. Specifically, vegetables and meat. Hadn’t ever thought about cooking professionally before, but it may be suited to me. I like carving things that don’t want to carve me in return.

Anyways, as night drew near and the ball started, I shifted my job from cutter to waiter, and used this position to check on the attendees for Lucan and his sister. I also had this ingenious plan… since holy water has no effect on ordinary folk, but burns the undead, I could use that as an identity test for Lucan, if indeed he is a vampire.

Some seven or so guests possessed magical items; I assumed my target is one of them. Thus, I carried a tray of drinks, one of which was mostly holy water, and offered it in turn to each of the magic-wielders. Two women accepted drinks while all the men refused, and neither picked the “special” one. I thought I recognized one of them to be Lucan’s sister, though I couldn’t be sure. Big bird et al. arrived soon after, and I pointed out to them the ones I found suspicious. They confirmed my locks on Lucan and Grilsha.

Mike went to interrogate the sister, while I tried my final test of identity on Lucan… I brazenly walked up to the dance floor and “accidentally” spilled the tray of drinks on a good number of people, including the vampire. He flinched a bit at it, but otherwise the results were underwhelming. Darn, I had hoped for a more cinematic display of burning and pain.

As I was busy mopping up in order to minimize attention drawn to myself, something unexpected happened. Apparently, we are not the only ones commissioned to find Lucan, for a human mage tried to cast a spell on Lucan. It failed; the blade Lucan stole suddenly appeared in his hand, and combat ensued. Remembering that last time Grilsha was able to hurt us quite a bit with fireball and lightning bolt spells, I took it upon myself to neutralize her first; this was done easily with a silence spell. Lucan, in the meantime, charged Antinua and managed to grab her and hit her with a life-draining punch. Well, that about nails his vampire status. I tried to cure Antinua, but it had less effect than expected; my powers are not strong enough to undo the damage. She did manage to retaliate with a strong beam of holy light that discorporated Lucan.. I tried to use a bottle to capture him, but was not successful (hm, that reminds me, I might want to get myself an adamantine bottle at some point…).

Ir’Krell, the ambassador, was less than helpful. Her guards decided that Malik was acting rudely (possibly with good reason—he had been breathing elemental power left and right), and attacked him. I asked her to tell her guards to stand down, but she would have none of it. After the fight, she offered not a word of thanks and instead accused us of attacking her friend Lucan. Hm, next time I see her, I’ll lasso her and feed her to some other vampire. OK, maybe not a vampire. But maybe a zombie. I can create those.

Lucan was headed for Karrnath on airship, and we arrived there as it was departing. A group of five gnome strongbodies blocked our paths, but we dispatched them with ease. As the rest of the party negotiated with the captain, I continued trying to find Lucan. A couple rooms in the lower floor registered magic—Malik told us that one housed the elementals powering the airship, but the other was dubious.

We decided to investigate. And by investigate, I mean Antinua turned me invisible and knocked the locker door open. I slipped inside making as little noise as possible. It was an extradimensional space of some sort—maybe 50 feet square room… with a coffin smack in the center. Lucan was certainly inside, according to my detect magic. Perhaps he was asleep, and I could prolong his sleep indefinitely. I edged to the coffin but as soon as I opened it a sliver, Lucan immediately jumped out and tried to grab me, invisible though I was.

Barely managed to shake him off, and wasn’t willing to risk a second attempt by him, so I ran out of the locker and loudly informed my companions that Lucan was indeed within.

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