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15 Responses to “House Rules and Rulings”

  1. dthaiger Says:

    Are egregiously bad puns in or out?

  2. Domenic Says:

    I’d say if you can make them in-character, they’re in. Especially Eberron-specific ones. Otherwise, it’s just up to how much groaning the punner can tolerate.

  3. ghostaxe Says:

    How about sizing? Weapons and armors are sized; wondrous items and rings resize to fit?

  4. Domenic Says:

    That seems right. A cloak might be a bit baggy, but it would still work.

  5. ghostaxe Says:

    Ok, 3 more things:

    1. Automatic success/failure on nat 20/1 and mishap chances: True to physical attacks, false for skills, what about for Saving Throws and Caster-level checks?

    i.e. If Xame has a +16 to Reflex save, and the save DC for a Fireball is 17, and I roll at nat 1, does he succeed? What if I spent an action point as well? Finally, what if the mod was +15, I roll a 1, and then spend an action point?

    2. Misc AC types: I know of at least sacred, insight, morale, and luck (what else are there?). Insight and luck seem like they should affect Touch AC as well; what about sacred and morale?

    Could a character really build the following item?

    Ring of the Survivor (+4)

    +4 Deflection AC, +4 Sacred AC, +4 Insight AC, +4 morale AC, +4 luck AC.

    Cost: (2000 + 2500*4)*16 = 192000gp

    3. Are custom Divine spells allowed? I was thinking of the following:

    Divine Misfortune
    Conjuration [Chaotic]
    Level: 4?
    Components: V, S, F
    Casting Time: 1 immediate action
    Range: Close
    Target: One creature
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will Negates
    Spell Resistance: No

    By invoking the powers of entropy offensively, you twist your opponents’ fate in your favor.

    Force an opponent to reroll one D20 roll that he has just made. He necessarily takes the results of this roll, even if it is higher than his original result.

  6. Domenic Says:

    1. is in a (very scrunched-looking :-|) table.

    2. Yes, although I’m not entirely 100% sure the cost calculations are correct (simply because I don’t know the rules for them). In fact, here are all the bonuses I can find:

    {sacred, profane, morale, luck, insight, exalted, competence, dodge, armor, enhancement, natural armor, deflection}

    3. I think there are already existing spells like this, and if there aren’t I can almost guarantee there will be in Complete Scoundrel. In which case I think we should just let that determine, i.e. if it’s not a divine spell then the game is trying to tell you to get access to it via other means.

  7. ghostaxe Says:

    All right one more question. Are there multi-classing penalties for Prestige Classes?

    I.e. if I start taking levels of Divine Oracle, and then want to take a level of Contemplative, do I start losing XP? Could I still go back to Divine Oracle and dovetail between those two?

  8. Domenic Says:

    That is actually part of the rules already, and the answer is no XP penalties. This is clarified in the FAQ.

  9. ghostaxe Says:

    What’s the ruling on base attack and saves for multi-classing/prestige classing?

    Is it just sum of base attacks/saves from all classes, or is it
    2 + (sum of strong save levels)/2 + (sum of weak save levels)/3

    (sum of strong attack levels) + (sum of medium attack levels) * 3/4 + (sum of weak attack levels) / 2?

  10. Domenic Says:

    The former; no fractional BAB or saves.

  11. ghostaxe Says:

    Hey Domenic, I just got this idea for the ultimate melee build. It requires a few rulings though, so I’ll throw it into the open:

    1. If I multi-class Paladin 4+ and Cleric 1+, do my number of turning attempts per day double? (Rulebooks do not say.)

    2. Can Persistent Spell metamagic feat be applied to a Swift spell with a duration of 1 round? I.e. Persistent Rhino’s Rush (charge attacks have double damage for 1 round). (Rulebooks seem to imply Yes.)

    3. Can Persistent Spell metamagic feat be applied to a spell granted from Anyspell? I.e. Persistent Wraithstrike (melee attacks are touch attacks for 1 round) from Anyspell. (Rulebooks seem to imply Yes.)

    As you can probably guess, I’m going for the combination of Cleric/Paladin with:

    Divine Metamagic: Persistent Spell [Anyspell]
    Divine Metamagic: Persistent Spell [Rhino’s Rush]

  12. Domenic Says:

    1. PHB p59:
    In the special case of turning undead, both clerics and experienced paladins have the same ability. If the character’s paladin level is 4th or higher, her effective turning level is her cleric level plus her paladin level minus 3. Thus, a 5th level paladin/4th level cleric turns undead as a 6th level cleric. [Thus, the number of turning attempts do not double; the turning progression stacks].

    2. Yeah, that looks good to me.

    3. It does appear to be OK; you’re not persisting anyspell, but wraithstrike, which is a valid target.

    Just to clarify (as per the Complete Divine errata), you’d need three feats for this: Extend Spell, Persistent Spell, Divine Metamagic (Persistent Spell). Easily achievable; also note that the Planning domain gives Extend Spell as a bonus feat.

    Oh, and nightsticks don’t stack with each other, but otherwise are allowed.

  13. ghostaxe Says:

    Hm, doh. That kind of defeats the points of having Paladin levels in the mix then (well other than Divine Grace and Rhino’s Rush, but those aren’t as crucial).

    For those who don’t know: nightsticks (Libris Mortis) add 4 turn attempts / day.

    Does Nightstick stack with Extra Turning though?

  14. ghostaxe Says:

    Ok, one other question: Are we interpretting Diehard to allow you to act normally only between -1 and -9, or any time you’re in “dying” status? I.e. what I was mentioning earlier about Delay Death + Diehard.

  15. Domenic Says:

    Nightsticks do stack with extra turning.

    The second interpretation seems correct; Diehard mentions -1 and -9 for automatically becoming stable, but otherwise just uses the term “negative hit points.” So theoretically you could skip the -1 to -9 block (i.e. straight from 5 to -20) and, by the text of Diehard, not stabilize, but since you’ve got delay death on you would be able to “act as if disabled, not dying.” Heh, silliness. I guess we should modify that to auto-stabilize whenever.

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