In order to maintain some level of uniformity, I suggest we try to standardize the post format.

Use the categories (they will appear on the left when posting). Each post should have a subcategory of Adventures, PCs, and Sessions checked. This allows someone to see all posts by Xame, or all posts for the Forgotten Forge Adventure, or all posts for the 2006-12-02 session just by clicking on that category.

Unfortunately, we will need some information redundancy, since I don’t feel like hacking WordPress to display these in bold at the top. So if you could duplicate this information at the top of each entry like so, and add some additional information as well:

Adventure: The Forgotten Forge
Session: 2006-12-02
Player: Dave Zhang
PC: Xame
Status: Rogue 1

Then that would be excellent.

After this information, you should have an adventure journal. This can be as long or short as you want; a paragraph of notes and ideas in a stream-of-consciousness style is just as cool as a book-chapter’s worth of inner dialogue, commentary, and adventure summarization. You could also comment on cool new abilities you gained/used/have been waiting to use, and other such things.

Optionally after that, you can add Player’s Notes, which could be a sentence or two of metagame comments. To give a sample, Dave has this for his first adventure journal: “As expected, lack of offensive capabilities plus the CN alignment is causing substantial party tension.”

You should not comment on XP in the player’s notes or elsewhere. Also note that XHTML is allowed.

I plan on acting as the behind-the-scenes editor gnome, i.e. I will edit posts to fix formatting issues, standardize the posting format, or fix spelling errors (especially ones that have to do with in-game terms or names).

Happy posting! This looks like immense fun :-D.


8 Responses to “Posting Instructions”

  1. michaelbusch Says:

    Very good. Did Dave send you the examples, or are you improvising?

  2. Domenic Says:

    Dave sent me the examples, and I added/changed a few things.

  3. ghostaxe Says:

    Hm… game-world question: Are we playing by upgrade rules? I.e. if you have a pair of Gloves of DEX (+2), can you pay someone 12k to get it to (+4), or do you have to sell and rebuy, costing 14k?

  4. Domenic Says:

    Upgrades are allowed. I think I’ll create a page of such rulings.

  5. ghostaxe Says:

    Mm… another rules question. How about non-standard items? I.e. Boots of Tumbling (+2) for 400gp, etc.

  6. Domenic Says:

    If it’s craftable, it’s allowed (well, probably). But for this and for upgrades, you will have to find a suitable vendor and wait for him/her to complete the crafting time. These aren’t “stock” items they can just pull of the shelf anymore, you see.

    I’m pretty sure creation time is (cost/1000) days, so in this case any caster-level 3 vendor could create it in a day or less.

  7. michaelbusch Says:


    I notice that Scott, Matt, and Dan haven’t posted. Do they have accounts set up?

  8. Domenic Says:

    Dan does; Scott and Matt haven’t expressed interest.

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